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#feelingdiscouraged . #FeelingVulnerable . #feelingscared . #Feelingoverwhelmed . #Feelingsad

How can someone love a body that is so very gross.
How can someone love a mind that is full of toxic stress and confusion and sadness.
How can someone love a face that does not understand its own expression.
How can someone love a heart that is bleeding with it's own shattered pieces of shattered pieces.
How can someone love a soul that wreaks and is detached from reality.

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Why do men often see me as an object for sex?

I mean they tell me that I'm beautiful, but when it comes to sex it often seems to be about them. Why is that? #feelingdiscouraged #Mania #BipolarDisorder #lowselfesteem

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bullied because of mental illness #Broken #feelingdiscouraged

So every time I'm in a manic state and I'm up all night and really hyper I get accused of being back on drugs even though I've been clean for 4years. If I sleep all day and barely get out of bed I get called lazy and a bad mom. If I cry or get upset I'm told to stop being a crybaby, if I have a panic attack or my anxiety is through the roof I'm told to get over it and suck it up. I come from a family that's never dealt with mental illnesses, I'm the only one of my moms kids that has anything wrong so of course I automatically feel like the black sheep of the family. All 3 of my kids have a mental health disorder my 2 oldest are bipolar (my oldest son also has psychotic tendencies) and my youngest son is autistic and has adhd.
#TiredOfTheseILLNESSES #familydisappointment #Familytroubles #amitheonlyone


Anyone have chronic sinus infections? How do you cope with the pain/discomfort?

I’ve had sinus issues for over 6 months and have been under the care of a sinus doctor for at least a month. None of the antibiotics and OTC medications are helping and I’m completely miserable and in pain. I’m a nurse and have to keep working during COVID-19 but I can barely take it. Has anyone have any experience in coping with this?
#Pain #feelingdiscouraged

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Hi everyone, I'm 26 with a recent #Fibromyalgia diagnosis. This is my first post on here and I'm not sure how to go about it. Do I talk about the #Pain I don't know how to describe to my loved ones (does "it feels like my arm is broken" sound too dramatic? or someone is stabbing me with knitting needles and knives and pins... I feel like the Tin man from The Wizard of Oz.... before he got oil). The past month has been crappy because of changing weather and storms (oh and we just got snow) and I know I need an increase or change in meds but the idea of planning a doctors visit while my husband is working overwhelms me. ....Or do I talk about how I need to go back to work and deal with people and stuff because we are living paycheck to paycheck?....Or the wellmeaning friends who say feel better soon when I post about a #fibroflare? My positive points right now are: we moved into a better unit in our building and I have an adorable Sphynx kitten to keep me company. Negatives: I feel like crap but need to organize this house because it's chaos and my husband is out there working hard and I know he'll appreciate coming home to a home and not a mess. oh and my lovely kitten pooed in her kennel because I woke up really late and I have yet to clean it. So far today my accomplishments consist or making coffee, bathing my kitten, drinking a cup of coffee while laying on the couch. At least this unit is sunny and bright (probably why I'm waking up at 10 instead of 12) whereas the old one was ground level and felt like a dungeon. Well I've babbled enough, looking forward to any comments you might have.
#feelingdiscouraged #overwhelmed