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    Existential Crisis (out of nowhere) #existentialcrisis #questioninglife #Depression #Anxiety #Feelingnumb #feelingnothing

    Does anyone, anyone at all, experience an Existential Crisis, just out of nowhere sometimes? Like nothing triggers it. One day I’m feeling great and then throughout the day I start to feel down and start questioning everything and life and the repetition of life. It makes me feel numb and nothing. I don’t want to do anything. I also have depression and anxiety and I am on medications. But I don’t know what’s happening to me.


    #Depression #Feelingnumb

    feeling numb with nothing inside. just want to stay in bed all day. no energy to do anything…i’ve been running on autopilot for so long bc things were so busy. now things have slowed. autopilot is off. and i’ve got nothing…

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    Feeling numb and I don't know who to turn to

    Hey so as of lately I've been feeling pretty numb about stuff. I have noone to turn to .. lost all my friends in my worst mental health days. This has to be worse than feeling depressed.... It's just nothing. #Feelingnumb


    I was fine earlier, and now I feel like crying. I feel empty and numb. As much as I want to feel needed, I just want to be alone right now. #MentalHealth #Depression #Feelingnumb #FeelingEmpty

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    Right now, I feel emotionally numb. On top of that, I have this urge to do self destructive things. I don’t really care about anything or anyone right now. #MentalHealth #Depression #Feelingnumb #Selfdestructivebehavior


    From a Distance...

    I’ve been feeling a little numb these last couple of days. I don’t feel as depressed as before, but with all that’s happening with Covid-19, my ongoing family issues, and my ever changing relationships, I feel like I’m living on survival mode all over again. I’m happy to say that I have had some good moments in all of this. For a number of days, I actually felt happy for the first time in a while. I still struggle with the my feelings though. Sometimes the grey areas fade away and then everything is black and white. But more than anything else, all I want right now is a hug. #MentalHealth #feelings #SocialDistancing #SurvivalMode #BlackandwhiteThinking #Feelingnumb #numb #happymoments #COVID19


    #nighttimeanxiety #conflictingroles #Feelingnumb

    My first college semester is almost over,my Last SOC 101 class is tomorrow and my midterm is coming up ...and being a parent/mom/student....becomes overwhelming.... I've been in this joy state of mind...but Idk..if its mania or depression...just alot going on to focus...but I'll live...



    Dunno how to feel today, it’s like I’m completely numb