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Observing things outside Fills My Mighty Bucket! Especially detail! How about you??πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈπŸ•΅οΈπŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ #FillYourMightyBucket #Mindfulness

I was out and about today and observed this mosaic design on a structure. There are multiple aspects of viewing it that help Fill My Mighty Bucket, some of which are: the design, the color, the expanse of it, and the way the light reflects off of it. Maybe it's because I enjoy doing art and attention to detail, I'm not sure. But I know it is a bucket filler for me.

Does anyone else find that something they see or observe outside Fills Your Mighty Bucket?? Feel free to share in the comments! Thanks!

#FillYourMightyBucket #MightyTogether #Outdoors

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How have your Mighty Buckets been lately?? Does anything about summertime Fill Your Mighty Bucket?? If so, what about it? 🌞 #FillYourMightyBucket

Hi all! I know I haven't been on here lately due to some personal stuff happening. But I thought I'd check in and see how everyone's Mighty Buckets are doing! It is summertime and there are things about summer that Fill My Mighty Bucket! One thing is the warm weather (as long as it's not too warm LOL). I also recently had a birthday so that Filled My Mighty Bucket! I still love being mindful of the beauty that is out there in whatever form it is in πŸ™‚.

How about you? How have your Mighty Buckets been?? Is there anything about summertime that Fills Your Mighty Bucket?🌞❀️

#FillYourMightyBucket #Summer #MentalHealth

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Finding ways to observe details in nature, even on rainy days, Fills My Mighty Bucket! How about you? #FillYourMightyBucket #Mindfulness #peace

I especially love to recognize the raindrops/dew that forms on objects in nature and to photograph it! It seems really pretty and unique to me and I like to observe how the droplets settle and where.
But that is not the only way that buckets might be filled by being mindful in nature!

Can anyone else related to this?


New Years Eve 'Bucket Fillers Chat' Room today at 6:30pm PST

I will be hosting a New Years Eve 'Bucket Fillers Chat' Room opening today at 6:30pm PST (Pacific Standard Time)! You are welcome to join in! #NewYear #FillYourMightyBucket #DistractMe #MightyTogether

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'Tiny' versions of things Fills My Mighty Bucket! Does yours get filled by things like this? Or other 'types' of things? #DistractMe #icecream

I decided to pick up some cheap ice cream today (it's even non-dairy!) and I found that my Mighty Bucket was filled some by how tiny it was! Literally 4 oz of ice cream in a cute little cup! The gum in the pic is just for a size comparison πŸ™‚. I find that other tiny versions of things can put some drops into my Mighty Bucket as well! Especially when I unexpectedly come across them!

Does anyone else feel that their Mighty Bucket is Filled when they see certain 'versions' of things??
Examples: tiny, huge, 'themed', made of a certain material, etc.

You're welcome to comment if you'd like and/or you can share a separate post! I'd love to hear about your bucket fillers!

#FillYourMightyBucket #SmallButMighty ⬅️haha
#DistractMe #Awareness #MightyMoment #MightyTogether

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Watching Animal as well as other LiveCams Fills My Mighty Bucket! What about you? #FillYourMightyBucket #DistractMe #Animals #Comfort

So, at least for me, there is something about LiveCams of animals, especially BABY ANIMALS that brings a calming, comforting and more positive feeling to me. Also, a LiveCam of the beautiful Aurora Borealis! In turn, Filling My Mighty Bucket! Below are some links if you would like to check them out! Does watching animals on LiveCams Fill Your Mighty Bucket? Is there anything else that you would like to share?
#MightyTogether #Soothing


Aurora Borealis!



(Header image from

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Do "lights" in life Fill Your Mighty Bucket?? πŸ’‘πŸ•―οΈ #FillYourMightyBucket #DistractMe #Hope #light

I was outside yesterday, and I came across lights that had been hung up on trees. I find that during some experiences in life I may appreciate the unexpected (or even expected, but especially unexpected) lights more than I may during other experiences in life. If times have been rougher, those lights can help Fill My Mighty Bucket, even if just somewhat.

Do "lights" in your life Fill Your Mighty Bucket? They don't need to be literal lights either!πŸ™‚

#MightyTogether #StayStrong

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Does seeing certain Fall colors Fill Your Mighty Bucket?? πŸƒβ˜ΊοΈπŸπŸΏοΈπŸŽ¨ #FillYourMightyBucket #Mindfulness #Senses #Nature #DistractMe

Hi everyone! Are there any specific Fall colors that help Fill Your Mighty Bucket when you see them? I find that I like reds and oranges, myself. I enjoy being mindful and noticing the colors and details in nature! Especially on the sunny days!

Does your Mighty Bucket get filled by Fall colors?

#FillYourMightyBucket #MightyTogether #Outdoors #DistractMe

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Do Sunny, Fall days Fill Your Mighty Bucket?? πŸŒ€οΈπŸ‚πŸπŸƒπŸŒ³πŸŒ³πŸžοΈ #FillYourMightyBucket #fall #MightyTogether #DistractMe

I was outside today and I noticed how sunny it was and how awesome the trees are with Fall colors! So, like I might normally do, I took pictures! As in other posts, I like 'capturing' what Fills My Mighty Bucket in some way. As an alternative to photography, another way to do this can be drawing it! But I think that also just observing it can be a Bucket Filler.

Does anyone else feel their Mighty Bucket being Filled by Sunny, Fall days?
#Outdoors #Nature #Weather

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A Mighty Welcome to All of Our Newer Members! #FillYourMightyBucket #MightyTogether

Hi everyone! So over time, I have seen that our community member count has grown by quite a bit! So I wanted to make sure to offer a warm welcome to all those who have recently joined the Fill Your Mighty Bucket community!

If you'd like, you are welcome to share what Fills Your Mighty Bucket and/or comment on posts! It's totally up to you! Thank you for being here! Please be aware that posts on the Mighty are sharable.

#DistractMe #MightyTogether