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Does seeing certain Fall colors Fill Your Mighty Bucket?? 🍃☺️🍁🐿️🎨 #FillYourMightyBucket #Mindfulness #Senses #Nature #DistractMe

Hi everyone! Are there any specific Fall colors that help Fill Your Mighty Bucket when you see them? I find that I like reds and oranges, myself. I enjoy being mindful and noticing the colors and details in nature! Especially on the sunny days!

Does your Mighty Bucket get filled by Fall colors?

#FillYourMightyBucket #MightyTogether #Outdoors #DistractMe

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Does anyone feel their Mighty Bucket being Filled by observing clouds and/or the sun's impact on them?? ☁️🌤️ #MightyTogether #Nature

Hi everyone! How have your Mighty Buckets been doing? I have found that observing and capturing cloud formations along with the sun's impact on them is a bucket filler for me. The pic for this post is a photo I took of a portion of a large expanse of sky.

I feel like taking the time to 'look up' and observe the natural 'ways' of nature can be soothing. And it doesn't even have to be looking up! Just simply noticing trees and other aspects of nature, especially the details of them, can help me to be more mindful and this, in turn, can have a positive impact on my mental health.

Does observing the clouds/sky help Fill Your Mighty Bucket?

#FillYourMightyBucket #Mindfulness #Senses

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What do you TASTE that Fills Your Mighty Bucket?? 😋 #MightyTogether #Mindfulness #DistractMe

I think the bee in this photo I took might get its Mighty Bucket filled from the nourishment from flowers!

Two tastes that Fills My Mighty Bucket are that of ice cream and also of mint gum!

What are TASTES that Fill Your Mighty Bucket?

#FillYourMightyBucket #Senses #Mindfulness


Trapped and blind.

#Psychosis /psychotic disorders are so cruel; it feels like you're being put on display in the pitch darkness whilst the people you can't see on the outside express their concerns about your "strange" or "concerning" behaviour, telling you that you need help over and over again. You nod and agree like an obedient puppy although you aren't sure that the #silhouettes in front of you are telling the truth, you feel like you can't trust them and you can't trust yourself either. You become convinced that you're at the centre of a massive conspiracy...
That they were lying to you after all, that you can't possibly do what they say you do, you can't be "psychotic" and that they are just making it up for their own advantages. You feel blind and helpless but scared and trapped at the same time. It's a constant battle with your #Senses .
You realise for a while that you can't trust your senses, that you have to rely on other people to "correct" your perception of reality and eventually you begin to envy them. This exacerbates the feelings of losing control, so you decide to regain that control by stopping your #treatment plan/medication and the thrill of this fills in that #empty space. You finally feel like you are the same as everyone else, that you aren't #mentally ill at all, that you belong.
Until the cycle starts all over again.

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Which of your senses Fills Your Mighty Bucket?? #Senses #MightyTogether #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth #DistractMe

Hearing, Touching, Smelling, Seeing, Tasting. I find that my senses help me interact with my environment in ways that fill my bucket! For example, "Seeing" a beautiful sunset, "Feeling" the sun's rays, "Hearing" the birds chirping.

Which of your senses Fills your Mighty Bucket the most for you? Or do they all? Feel free to explain if you'd like!
#Selfcare #Nature

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What do you notice the most about your outdoor surroundings? #52SmallThings

Let’s try something a little different today, Mighties. Either open up a window or step outside and spend a few minutes absorbing the natural wonders around you. In a few words and using as many senses as you can, describes what you notice the most about your surroundings in the comments below.

#MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #RareDisease #Parenting #Disability #Anxiety #Depression #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PTSD #Trauma #AutoimmuneDisease #Lupus #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Fibromyalgia #Migraine #ChronicPain #Autism #DownSyndrome #Nature #Outdoors #Sensory #Senses #CheckInWithMe


Which one of your 5 senses today is at its highest? #MentalHealth #Autism #CheckInWithMe

Mine today is taste I normally rush to work or when am stress and just chew it down. But today got time and I can really taste the Nutella spread and the bananas and how soft they are in my mouth x lets get talking about the 5 senses normalised xx #CheckInWithMe #MentalHealth #Autism #Senses

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My Fav sensory - Touch, what is yours? #SensoryOverloads #Sensory #Autism #AspergersSyndrome

My favourite Sensory out of the five senses is Touch. I just bought a new fluffy blanket and it’s soft got 6! I love it, anything fluffy helps me calm down,relax and feel safe, helps me sleep, eats sometimes. You? x
Five sense - Touch, Sight,hearing,smell and taste xzx
#Autism #Aspergers #MentalHealth #Senses