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Life is better with the person u love

#Loveyou #loveyourself #MentalHealth
I found it finally found the guy of my dreams and I just am Head Over Heels I finally feel like I'm worthy of taking care of my life if people don't believe that there is love out there here's a post for you give time for yourself love yourself take care of yourself take care of others and the world will take care of you
I finally got said yes to the man I love and it's true hope life keeps you going even if it feels like it's the end

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MESSY MASTERPIECE..MAYBE, I LOVE HER THOUGH! #winners #lookinyoureyeslove #Loveyou #yougottaloveyou

You know guys so many of you are so young and if I could express one thing to really grasp it would have to be . ...Be gentle with yourself when no one else is. Believe that YOU are extremely strong in the times you feel weak. I just turned 50 and it's bittersweet. 10 years ago I started a path to finding and becoming the person I was meant to be. I was diagnosed with ADHD and Internalized Anxiety Disorder. In the beginning there was a tad of Bi polar..which today is not the case . ADHD all the way. There are days when the "fear" takes ahold and for reasons I am still figuring out, yet it's my trying to process it all and there is a lot of Life that has me daily procrastinating. I'll go into details another time with that Allison point is my anxiety cause me to build these mounds of situations that become mountains. These mountains get to the point of needing attention and here ADHD comes and to process and prioritize becomes so exhausting that I give up. This is where it's important to really take into consideration. There are going to be many in life that will say they will be there. There will be times when those promises and those words of others built you up to the point of it being you think. YOU build upon YOU. It seems like I sound crazy and again you are so young but if you will start building upon positive self talk you will find an energy within you that pushes you thru some dark lonely times as you climb the ladder to 50. A little about me and why I say something so minute that is actually very powerful. In 2016 I had never thought life would become a sess pool of alone in the end. I was wrong. My cousin was taken away by murder suicide and as I tried to grieve my world became today what I can only describe walking thru times with strength that I had no idea I had. Six Months later a few days before Thanksgiving My grandmother passed away. Oh boy My Nanaw was my BFF. My go to thru thick and thin. My core to me. My Rock. The five months following to April 28, where again times I found strength and can only describe as..My mom saw her daughter take ahold of circumstances that she would leave this life knowing Allison as not just her daughter, as her Mighty Maybe a bit Messy but a Masterpiece. Lol. Oh my mom, God I love and I miss her so badly. let me stick to my point cause I can veer off if not careful. Anyway those three deaths became another path afterwards that has me saying that it's important to have a support system, yes it is. BUT what's even more important is the building upon your self. It has taken me many many hours, days and now 5 years to look in the mirror and I mean not look at my wrinkles or my eyes ...I look into my eyes and tell this messy beautiful masterpiece...I love you Allison. I LOVE YOU ALLISON. It's power within my core and I feel it. 50 years it has taken me with so much ahead I still have to clean up and out from those who never followed thru that said they loved and wanted the best for me..I was left with me. I wanted so many days to crawl in a hole. No Not Today!! WE are winners..I tell my daughter constantly while keeping the smile her tiny little eyes deserve, say it Lily..what are we...WINNERS!! I have lost a lot within a very short time outside of my three beautiful woman. I lost a daughter whom decided to make other choices, a brother whom decided to not stand firm and true with advice and his beliefs that took hits on the girls and I. All stemming from our mothers home being better suited for my girls and I. With my fear and anxiety I took his word the house would be a beautiful home after we are done remodeling. The house is still what I currently am surrounded within and my brother nowhere around while taking wishes of a mom with him out of state. To the ADHD it's a nightmare and the anxiety hates the ride. Last but not least the Knight and Shining Armor I held dear as a little girl...presently has not a thing to do with the over dramatic, messy and mentally unstable Allison. Yea guys I lost a lot..but my love for myself gave me the strength I had no idea was there. I believe that a support system is extremely beyond important. I believe therapy is a must for those whom don't have a positive support system. Along with vitamins and supplements, sleep sleep sleep and medication. With those musts and your love you gotta start looking in those eyes. Lol I know I don't understand and I don't get it and easy for you to say because the thoughts your a lost cause, bad apple and no one cares kinda days..I DO UNDERSTAND. I had a day like that yesterday that I quickly had to say while I cried in the bathroom mirror ….I LOVE YOU ALLISON. It is there guys and it's within you. Love you all what are we ….WINNERS! Shine bright my Mighty Masterpieces!!

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#StayStrong #Loveyou #youwillbeokay #Goodthoughts

Keep pushing through and try hard to focus on the good. I promise you that even in the ugliest days there are still good things that can keep us pushing through. I love you all.

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#ilovemyself #iloveme #innerlove #Selflove #acceptingme

I like what I see in the you?
It's not my own reflection in this image, I have a few more wrinkles and crow's feet, and that's okay. I'm not 20 anymore. It took me years to be able to look myself in the mirror and say "I love you". Some days are easier than others, but you are deserving of love and being loved. The first step is loving yourself, even if you currently feel you can't. It took me 2 years to look myself in the eye and feel worthy. It might take you ten years or 2 months, but today is the day to start loving your amazing self!
#iamworthy #Loveyou #innerbeauty #Iloveyou #MentalHealthMonth #innercompassion #survivingtrauma #ucandounlimitedchange #CPTSD

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Doing what makes YOU happy can have a big impact in your life. Loving those around you and yourself and some of the hardest things to control and conquer.


Self love is the best kind of love

My silver lining of 2020 was realizing that the most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself, and there’s nothing more powerful than the power of self love. Loving yourself is everything you need to sustain a meaningful life. It is accepting yourself unconditionally no matter what, which frees you from the burden of needing acceptance from anyone else. Loving yourself is realizing that every compliment and every kind gesture from others is just an add on to what already exists. It allows you to become more loving towards others and makes you want everyone to shine because you know for a fact that it will never dim your light. The energy that comes with loving yourself is magical that will inspire others to glow as well. The strength that comes with it is fulfilling that will make you acknowledge your worth and value. Self love isn’t being selfish. It’s respecting yourself enough that makes you not settle for anything less than what you deserve. At the end self love attracts the love of others and shows you that you are lovable with all the imperfections you have. The truth goes with this saying “no one can love you the way you love you” and you owe it to yourself.

I love you Rana♥️

#Selflove #Selfworth #worthy #loveyourself #lovemyself #beyou #Loveyou #YouAreBeautiful #Respect #happy #Happiness #MentalHealth #SilverLinnings #Empowerment #growth #Healing

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The Suicide Scale

I found this on Facebook not sure if it was from The Mighty or not but someone posted this in the comment section. I just thought this would be helpful to some on how to explain to love ones how you are feeling. I know for sure it will help me out. #sucicde #help #Loveyou

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Happy Birthday Captain Tom 100 today Yayyyyy #100

Hiya Mightys

Its Britains and The Worlds Favourite Mans 100th birthday today . He has raised so much goodwill
So much money
A Number one record
And today he is 100

So I wanted to say hello and good morning to you all and remind you all that although we are all going through very difficult times. Many wonderful things are still going on around the world.

Love n hugs Tj
💖🌈🤗😘🐶🐾🍰🎈🎊🎉🏆🎖 #Love #Hugs #Birthday #Goodwill #Morninggoodwishes #checkonyourneighbours #CaptainTom #RareDisease #Anxiety #TrigeminalNeuralgia #Bekind #Loveyou #Kindness #Selfcare #Chatspace #PanicDisorder #HSP #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder