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Ocd Poem By Ocd Hacks

OCD, a demon in my head,
Compelling me to check and dread.
Washing hands till they are raw,
Counting steps until I'm in awe.

It's a constant battle in my mind,
A never-ending loop that's unkind.
A prisoner to routines I must repeat,
Afraid of the consequences I might meet.

An obsession that's irrational,
A compulsion that's uncontrollable.
It's a vicious cycle that never ends,
A cycle that my mind defends.

But I won't let it consume me,
I'll fight back until I'm free.
I'll face my fears with all my might,
And conquer OCD, the demon in my sight.

So I'll take a deep breath and take a step,
And leave the OCD, my constant fret.
I'll break free from its vicious hold,
And live a life that's brave and bold.
@instgram: Ocd hacks

#ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #MentalHealth #ContaminationOCD #HarmOCD #LivingWithMeampMyOCD #OCDAwarenessWeek #RelationshipOCD #SexualOrientationOCD #SuicidalOCD

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New Article about psychdelic treatment for OCD

#OCD #MentalHealth #SexualOrientationOCD #HarmOCD #SuicidalOCD #on #OCD #B

Here you can find my article on screenshot

which can be found here!

The day my brain broke: My OCD journey and the future of psy...

• Society still holds a warped perception of OCD, diminishing and devaluing those who suffer from it.

• I experienced obsessive thoughts involving sexual orientation and potential harm to self and others.

• Underwent CBT ERP therapy and ACT before finding Emma Garrick, the 'anxiety whisperer', who saved my life

• Psilocybin (found in magic mushrooms) is being trialled as an alternative treatment for OCD patients.

• I aim to deliver a TEDx Talk to raise awareness about the condition with insufficient research funding/coverage, about OCD

• Recovery from OCD is possible but not easy or linear.

The day my brain broke: My OCD journey and the future of psychedelic treatments

TEDx speaker and mental health activist Shaun Flores shares his journey living with OCD and sheds light on the first UK trial of psilocybin therapy for the disorder.
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No suport

I’m really struggling. I’m so burnt out at my current job and every time I try to talk to my mom who’s apart of my support team keeps shutting me down. I’ve had a number of very positive interviews lately but have been super discouraged due to being shut down repeatedly.

A little backstory. I’ve been a custodian/janitor since college. It’s actually how I was able to afford school, and then due to the pandemic I just kept finding decent paying positions in this field. However, in my most recent job I’ve had nothing but entitled people who just treat us like maids. There is a difference between a custodian and a maid believe it or not and due to this school districts attitude towards the cleaning staff I’ve reached my limit with this position and honestly just wanna start over someplace new that has nothing, and I mean nothing, to do with cleaning. I’ve also been given the smallest area of all of my coworkers so I’m constantly finishing my tasks early and have lots of downtime, despite constantly asking for more tasks or even slowing down. I’ve been pushed to my physical limit and have honestly contemplated suicide due to the lack of care in this job. They also continue to belittle us and take things away.

However all but my mom has been supportive of this self discovery. She just goes on and on about insurance. I understand and know I can’t just up and quite my job. Loads of people search for new opportunities while employed. I also really wanna go back to school for art therapy since I truthfully believe I wasn’t put on this earth to just clean but do something more meaningful with the talent I’ve been given.

Thanks for reading and letting me vent my frustration out.

#Selfharm #SuicidalIdeation #SuicidalOCD #ChronicDepression #Depression #Anxiety #CheckInWithMe

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Currently in an inpatient facility because I can't tell what's what. Has anybody struggled with #SuicidalOCD and #BipolarDisorder ? I find it difficult to differentiate between what's intrusive thoughts and what's suicidal thoughts. Has anyone successfully managed to recognize what's what and been able to move forward? I'm starting ERP soon and hope that maybe that will at least point me in the right direction.

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Today be like

Straight up not having a good time today, and it's really frustrating because I don't know why I'm not having a good time. Is it my OCD? Is it my bipolar? Am I just tired? Is it depression? Is it the meds? Is it a combination of those things? It's infuriating to be in this constant state of despair without any understanding of why. #SuicidalOCD #BipolarDisorder #Anxiety

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Mincing Garlic #SuicidalThoughts #survivingsuicide

I’ve come a long way, from wheelchair, to walker, to cane which I only seem to need in busy or stimulating environments. I’m recovering suicidal psychosis #SuicidalOCD and #NeurologicalDisorder caused by never-treated  #LymeDisease  

Nine months before I lost control of my body, 10 months before it became difficult to speak, and 15 months before a doctor finally figured out this diagnosis—the first symptom was a horrific psychosis.

For 22 months I’d see non-stop pictures and movies of me ending my life. This was different from suicidal ideation I'd experience as a child and throughout most of my adult life, suicidal thoughts I was able to stop with years of counseling and   #EyeMovementDesensitizationAndReprocessing  

The only thing—after 22 months—that changed my psychosis from constant, to rhythmic, to often, to periodical, to occasionally, was  #ElectroconvulsiveTherapy . Since my ECT, I’ve gone from seeing the images non-stop, to 100 times a day, to 50, to 20, to 10, to 5, to where I’ve been for 3 months which is 0-to-5 times a day.

Recently, cooking has become a #Healing   hobby, as it continues to be excellent occupational therapy for restrengthing my brain, and fantastic  #ExposureTherapy  

At first I could only use a knife while my husband was watching. With exposure therapy, I've been trying to teach my brain, and teach me, that I won't hurt myself with the knife, just because I’m seeing it, and certainly not because I’m holding it. This is how I got the pictures down to 5 times a day, then down to 0-to-5 times a day.

I'm cooking so much now, using a knife by myself, that my elbow hurts, especially from mincing garlic. I've come such a long way. #recovering

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Good morning Dear friends #CheckInWithMe #DistractMe

What is broken can be mended

What hurts can be healed

And no matter how dark it gets, the sun is going to rise again.

Sometimes we all forget that the sun will rise again tomo. In some of my darkest nights, when I've sat in the lounge unable to go to bed with racing loud thought "bad news" in my head screaming in my mind. Intrusive thoughts. Even suicidal thoughts. To scared to go to bed to the quiet lonely place of sleep.
I've sat and waited for the sun to rise. For with the dawn coming I feel safer.🌞🌞🌞🌞

I've never understood why or how. But I just do. It brightens me. It warms me. It chases away the thoughts demons the whatever's. It's a new day a fresh start.

Remember you are loved you are worthy you are mighty and we are #MightyTogether ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ #52SmallThings #SuicidalOCD #PanicAttacks #RareDisease #Anxiety #PanicDisorder #TrigeminalNeuralgia #Selflove #Arthritis #PanicAttacks #SuicidalThoughts #RacingThoughtsThatMakeNoSense #BadNews #SphincterOfOddiDysfunction #MentalHealthStigma #CheerMeOn


Terrible Thoughts? - OCD/Anxiety

does anyone else have #obsessivethoughts about incidents of injustice? my own thoughts are on a constant loop where all I think about is the most recent incident of injustice that I’ve heard of (usually related to violence against women). i then spend my whole day/night in a state of intense misery, panic, and hopelessness, especially because a) i keep imagining what the affected person must be going through, and b) i think it’s only a matter of time before something horrible happens to me or my loved ones.

All of this makes me wish I didn’t exist. Can anyone help? :( i hate feeling like this..... and nor can I think of a way to control it, because it’s not like injustice is going to ‘stop’ anytime soon #Anxiety #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #SuicidalOCD #Depression #hopeless

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Netflix DOESN'T CARE about sending PTSD patients into SUICIDAL EPISODES with autoplay trailers. Have you or someone you know had this happen?

Netflix had again shown they don't care about the lives of their users. Many with CPTSD, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and other issues find themselves being assaulted by Netflix's autoplay trailers. People have been complaining for years about this. Customer service reps are overwhelmed by calls from often angered customers. Other companies like Amazon have actual settings to disable these as they are understanding of these very real issues. But despite years of issues, Netflix fails to change this saying just mute your TV. That does not work. Visuals are as powerful if not more so than audio many times. I found myself sitting and dealing with suicidal issues following this issue and chatted with the national suicide hotline after being triggered by Netflix autoplay trailers. They said this is a huge issue and the amount of suicide chats they get because of things like Netflix are not a small number. They aren't tracked though as the main issue as most people just say PTSD attack when they chat versus saying it was caused by Netflix. It is a form of digital assault. Telling people there's no way to disabled this and that's just the way it is, is disgusting. The fact that they are losing subscribers is no surprise as they continue to put real people's lives in danger every single day without consequence. At this point people have voiced the concerns and after years of this nothing substantial has ever been done. Now it's a form of violence and assault on users. #PTSD #CPTSD #Depression #Anxiety #SexualTrauma #Autism #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Suicide #SuicidalIdeation #SuicidalOCD #PTSDSupportAndRecovery #MentalHealth #MentalHealthAmerica #Netflix #Streaming


What do you do to make yourself feel better when you feel depressed?

Or feels like can't take it anymore. Maybe your answers can help someone to find some ways to get out of that endless loop of pain and suffering for few moments so that they start to think more clearly and doesn't harm themselves.

I personally like to listen to music or watch comedy series or if I feel too much depressed and suicidal then I try to find some ways to get sleep because I always feel good after that. It gives me enough time to think straight and find some other ways to deal with my mental illnesses.
#SuicidalOCD #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Depression #SocialAnxiety