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Tips for shortness of breath/ noticing bodily symptoms less, fixated on breath.

I feel so dumb and stupid :( silly but I get this weird thing where I am constantly observing my breath and taking somewhat short breaths I breathe in deeply to try to regulate my breathing but it’s like I forget how to breath and it’s really ruining my days, I just want to go back to normal or be normal, I hate anxiety :( please help. 🙏 Anxiety is constantly being there and I want it to go away, I feel so alone and silly I can’t control this as well as I would like to or as I normally would, I also get this weird thing if I fixate on blinking it’s like I forget how to blink and instead of my body doing it automatically you become awkwardly aware of it and overdo it or under do it. I want to become less aware of these things and just let my body function normally, not ruminate or overthink and then feel too much. #Anxiety #hatethis #Silly #dumb #feelingdumb #pleasehelp #Annoying #shmptoms #body #Breathing #automatic #tooaware #Depression

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Boiling Point #CheckInWithMe

I hate that I feel stuck in this situation with my housemates and can’t leave because of financial reasons. I constantly feel disrespected by them and when I try to have an adult conversation with them they just turn it on me. I feel exhausted, like this is never gonna end especially since I have to live with them for another year. I’m just so fed up. #hatethis #DepressiveEpisodes


I hate this. #Fibromyalgia

My husband and I went to animal shelters today to just look and he ended up falling in love with this sweet little puppy. I can barely take care of myself right now, never mind a little puppy too...I so badly wish I could have an animal and enjoy it and let him have the puppy he’s always wanted. But I can’t. If I can barely take care of myself, how am I supposed to take care of an animal too? It’s bad enough that my fibro holds me back, but now it’s affecting my family. F this... #fibrosucks #Fibromyalgia #hatethis

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How do you let people’s opinions about you not get the best of you?

All my life, I’ve had some people not like me for some reason. I don’t know why, sometimes it doesn’t bother me but In other cases it does. I know not everyone is going to like me and I accept that. It’s when people assume things about me, judges me or is jealous of me for some reason.. that bothers me especially if I don’t know them or they don’t give me a chance to get to know me. It’s frustrating because what they think about me is the complete opposite. How should I not get bothered by what people think about me? #Anxiety #hatethis #peoplecanbemean #Insecure


I keep getting sick!

I was sick weeks ago and now im sick again! Im very Caeeful to not touch grimy doors, waSh my hands and use hand sanitizer.... but I cant help it if I have to be exposed to others Who are Walking around sick. And now im sick again. And its going to cost me. I cant work through this. Why cant sick people stay at home and not spread their germs?! Im so frustrated this whole month is going down the tubes. #sick #compromisedimmunesystem #stuckinbed #hatethis