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Chronic Illness vs. Sickness

I haven’t been sick for awhile. Obviously some would say I’m constantly sick because I have a chronic illness. But that’s not necessarily true. I’m not sick, I just have a variety of wacky symptoms. I know that I have those symptoms and I can control them to a certain extent. Based off of how much I take care of myself and just depending on the day, I can make my symptoms less debilitating. With an illness such as the common cold, mono, strep throat, the flu, etc. I don’t necessarily have control over that. Today for the first time in a really long time I was stuck in bed actually sick. Sore throat, headache, fatigue, feeling like I was hit with a bus. It was annoying to say the least. I couldn’t do anything. I was stuck in bed all day, but not by choice. I’m not sure if anyone else understands the difference between the two but I think I might go crazy over the next little bit during recovery. Any tips on not going stir crazy in bed?
#PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #LivingWithPOTS #ChronicIllness #sick #Spoonie #SpoonTheory #Fatigue #ChronicFatigue #mononucleosis #BedriddenForNow #stuckinbed #stircrazy #Headache #sorethroat #control


Mattress Protector

I go to bed.
I wake up.
...That's unfortunate.

I cannot move.
I'm so tired.
Always tired.
I have things to do...
They won't get done.
I'm stuck here,
In my bed
Trapped inside my head.

Thoughts are racing,
Make it stop!
Filled with dread.
...Time to get going.

(This isn't the best poem I've written, but it helped me have the motivation to at least shower, so I have no regrets right now. I totally will later though, if we're honest 😂. Let's see what I get done today! ) #wakingup #stuck #stuckinbed #Depression #Anxiety #SuicidalThoughts #SuicidalIdeation #OneHourAtATime


Making Choices #Depression #stuckinbed

I have to make an incredibly difficult decision. I have to either admit to my supervisor that I am stuck in my bed or I have to summon enough mental strength to go to work. I will undoubtedly have a massive panic attack and end up sobbing in the bathroom or stairwell. I cannot win either way. I’m terrified of losing my job, home, etc. At the same time, I don’t care. There is a battle raging in my mind. I am being destroyed from the inside. Today is not my day.


Always on E

I can’t find the energy to get out of bed as of late. Some days I can get up and power through a boat load of housework/work in general, no problem. Days like today, I get up, feed my cats and dogs, get food, then go back to sleep. Did manage to do a quick yoga and meditation session yesterday. Was going to keep it up today, but all I want to do is sleep. I feel stuck. #DepressionNaps #stuckinbed #Anxiety


One of those pain days...

Where it feels like you’ve been everywhere on the internet... yup. I’ve finished the internet. #ChronicPain #stuckinbed


When it seems like nothing will motivate you, how do you get out of bed and/or foster routines? #stuckinbed

I am a Master’s student living in a new country, and I am finding it hard to finish work related to my degree. All week, I promised myself I would get to the library early on Saturday to work on 3 large assignments with deadlines approaching, but in my usual reaction to stress, I woke up late this morning and am still in bed (@ 12.11 PM). This happens almost every time I plan a work session — even when I agree to meet friends — and it feels entirely out of my control. I can’t help but view the day as a loss and spend the rest of it loathing my lack of discipline. I have to conquer this cycle.



Does anyone else get go much anxiety they can’t get out of bed? So bad that your stomach hurts? So bad that you feel like you are losing your mind? #helpme #Drowning #stuckinbed #Anxiety #Depression


Who else has trouble getting up in the morning? And what helps you get out of bed? #stuckinbed

I’m trying to get a sleep schedule but every morning when my alarms go off I shut them off and go back to sleep. I always end up sleeping all day and then I get mad at myself when I do get up because I wasted the whole day sleeping and got nothing done. How do I break the cycle?

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