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Tips for shortness of breath/ noticing bodily symptoms less, fixated on breath.

I feel so dumb and stupid :( silly but I get this weird thing where I am constantly observing my breath and taking somewhat short breaths I breathe in deeply to try to regulate my breathing but it’s like I forget how to breath and it’s really ruining my days, I just want to go back to normal or be normal, I hate anxiety :( please help. 🙏 Anxiety is constantly being there and I want it to go away, I feel so alone and silly I can’t control this as well as I would like to or as I normally would, I also get this weird thing if I fixate on blinking it’s like I forget how to blink and instead of my body doing it automatically you become awkwardly aware of it and overdo it or under do it. I want to become less aware of these things and just let my body function normally, not ruminate or overthink and then feel too much. #Anxiety #hatethis #Silly #dumb #feelingdumb #pleasehelp #Annoying #shmptoms #body #Breathing #automatic #tooaware #Depression

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My friend asked if she could have some adult clouring books i didn't want anymore. So she says she will come latter. Waiting all day. Then she messages "When is a good time to come" i said any time i guess. and said ok. But didn't come. I'M not waiting all day for her come just to get one book. So #Annoying #Friends #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #LearningDisability

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° " I Don't Get It They Need Me Because Other People Don't Want To Work... " ° #Annoying

° " So I Just Got Texted By My Boss To Come Into Work Tomarrow... See And These People Mistrust And Have No Confidence In Me Whatsoever... I Agreed To Work Tomarrow... Since I Didn't Answer On Tuesday Lolz... These People Cannot Get Anything Done Without Me Around And It's Fucking Annoying And Very Disappointing To Me... " ° ☆▪︎☆ Skaoi Kvitravn ☆▪︎☆ #Depression

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× " Soo Question Is It My Responsibility To Clean The Heater Vent ??? " × #LandLordLaziness

× " So I Got Into An Argument Just Now With My Land Lord Over The Heater... He Expect's Me To Clean The Vent.. And The Owner Is Greedy AF... She Tell's Me After I Signed My Lease That The Apartment Is Now Renting As Is... Fucking B.S. With These Lazy Greedy People... I'm So Pissed Off Right Now. I Don't Have Time To Make Another Appointment. To Turn On My Heater. × " PEOPLE SUCK AND ARE SUPER SHADY AND GREEDY!... " × #Annoying #ShadyLandLord 's. ☆▪︎☆▪︎☆ SKADI KVITRAVN☆▪︎☆▪︎☆


Energy Vampires...

Help..I’m friends with an energy vampire! She texts me 5 texts to my 1. She constantly texts about her financial situation, her deceissed husband, how much money she contributed to the relationship when they were married, and a whole slew of other crap. It’s like seeing static..I have asked her to stop..nicely, and I’ve also said please stop living in the past! When I do spend time with this friend, in small doses, we actually do have fun times. Why she chooses to reiterate all the stuff from the past, almost daily..I’ve no idea.? I mean it’s burdening as well as boring! I’m not her counselor, her financial advisor, accountant, or lawyer..I’ve told her please; I don’t want or need to know all this! I’ve got enough of my own problems..She never stops spinning long enough to ask me how I’m really doing! #EmotionalHealth #narcissism #PTSD #alone #Annoying


When I feel that I'm really starting to enjoy something, suddenly from nowhere it becomes so boring. What is happening to my brain? #Annoying


one spot pain?

so how I know I’m about to have a flair up is one part of my body will hurt tremendously bad. I use to get a sharp pain in my shoulder but lately it has been my right cheek bone. it literally feels like a horse is standing on my cheekbone. does anyone else have this problem? #Fibromyalgia #Pain #Annoying

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sometimes Im just moving through the motions then once I stop and I’m in my own head darkness swarms in. I go to classes, I work and I sleep but that’s my cycle. how can I break it? does anyone else ever get that numb and empty feeling when they aren’t doing anything that truly interest them? #Cheermeup #hobbies #empty #Sadness #depressed #Depression #numb #feelinglikeabum #Anxiety #Work #School #College #struggles #help #Annoying

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#Annoying Advices #Fibromyalgia #chronic Pain

Just so annoyed getting such advices from people. Yeh I know you don't know what I'm going through. But you don't have to undermine my sensibility to this low level.


what do you guys that about the saying, "don't let your feelings control you"? #Depression #Annoying #MentalHealth

I'd about anyone else but, I LITERALLY hate that!!! Like, wtf does that even mean foreal. As if I could control my feelings so easily as that statement is said, I'd be a billionaire by now. I just think that is the worst thing you can say to do you tell a cancer patient, 'don't let cancer eat away at your cells'?!?! Because people can control that....SMH