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Always thought of us #hemiplegic migraine warriors #chronic pain warriors # anyone battling any kind of pain as secret identity super heros.

The battles we fight every day inside our bodies are battles the world doesn’t really see. The pain is there as we go about our day or as we try to sleep at night…The pain is there but we fight on …we still go about our day in pain. Sometimes people around us may not understand our battles too and its ok because I thought if I was in thier shoes how can I possibly understand too. Like in the Superman movie, when his dad was giving him a talk about not showing his identity yet to people because they may not be ready for it. I mean something like that-sometimes I feel some people are not ready to understand our battles while some are. While the ones that don’t care don’t worry, we will lose some along the way and thats ok too. Got diagnosed with so many things back in 2009,. Lost many friends who didn’t understand but its ok because I gained many who did! Today I just want to say to all my fellow warriors that I admire all of us! Keep on fighting and never give up!! You all are my inspiration, my Super Heroes!

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#salonpas right in the middle of my forehead, on the sides and on the back of the neck, as well as behind the ears, helps with my migraines!

Just one thing this crazy migraine girl does to manage her migraines #Crazy migraine girl #manage my migraine #hemiplegic migraine #First post #tip

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This is where I persevere for the time being while #hemiplegic migraine and #Dystonia symptoms are present.

I have two work stations at home. Most of the time, my body dictates where I will be working from. Today, this is where I’m trying to persevere from. This work station gives me the flexibility to rest when I need to, especially when partial paralysis from hemiplegic migraine sets in or when dystonia is severe.

Do what you can, when you can but make sure you take the break your body and mind needs. ⁣

#StayStrong and #persevere !
#ChronicIllness #InvisibleIllness #Migraine


What you gave up

I was looking through my China cabinet and saw all the fancy glass my Grandmother gave me for entertaining guests. It was a reality check; I can barely entertain two guests now. I used to have twenty to thirty people over for party’s.
#cervical Dystonia
#hemiplegic Migraines
What happened to the woman I once was? Where did she go?