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I’m new here! Hello!

I have lived with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue since I was 14 years old. I was recently diagnosed with CKD Stage 3A (which is scary to me), and a rare condition called Hypophosphatasia (adult onset). I am also immunocompromised and get sick almost weekly or every 10 days with something new. Hoping that being a part of a support community that can understand, will be an encouragement in my life. I am so weary of it all!
#weary #persevere #OnedayAtaTime #exhausted

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Are you tired? You've earned a rest. But what you haven't earned is a free pass to quit!

When I was waiting for life-saving surgery after suffering an aneurysms and a dissected artery, I dealt with an unbearable migraine for weeks on end. After living a life of day-to-day torture, I had all but given up. But on the Fourth of July, while thinking about so many people gearing up for celebration, my impulse to throw in the towel changed. I made the decision to keep fighting, regardless of the outcome, and make it through another day despite how dire my situation was. But what did I do before I recovered? I rested. A lot.

After learning how to refuel and recharge myself, I was in that much of a better position for making progress. So if you're tired from chronic pain, constantly battling setbacks, or another struggle, here's your sign: Rest, but don't you dare quit. Give yourself some time and space to recuperate, then get back up!

#neverquit #persevere #Survivor #Foodforthought #Dailyinspiration #StrokeSurvivorsNeverQuit #AneurysmSurvivorsNeverQuit #FindingForward

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Hello, everyone, and thank you for stopping by to visit my new account. My name is Jeffrey Morse, and I’m here to tell you there’s life after life, but I’m getting ahead of myself. I was a U.S. Air Force veteran who worked—and still works—in commercial aviation. I’ve written a book, Finding Forward, about a life-altering journey that has changed me forever.

Almost ten years ago, a life that I loved living was unexpectedly altered when I woke up from a lifesaving surgery paralyzed from the neck down. My first thoughts in panic from this trauma was to figure my way out of this devastating problem, but there was no instruction book for healing from paralysis. While lying in the recovery room, I realized my thoughts and actions going forward would hopefully one day become the chapters and inspiration to those who also find themselves on a similar path. What I’m saying here is that I chose not to give up or let phrases like “I can’t” into my vocabulary.

Words like paralysis, stroke, or trauma (of any sort) are just words, and they by no means define who we are as human beings. If you’re finding that fate has chosen a new path along your journey of life, and you’re wondering why, look upon those new paths as a fresh start or a new beginning and set the word “why” off to the side for a while. These were my initial thoughts as I lay on a gurney, shut off from my entire body. Yes, I could have chosen to lie in panic, and my initial reaction was indeed that, but I chose a different path. My mind still worked; I could breathe, speak, see, and hear. Now all I needed was to create that first step in my mind and achieve it.

My purpose in writing posts is to share that beginning and my path along the way to help others find their own path as well. I said to myself when my journey began that beyond writing this book, if I could just reach out and help one person beyond their own struggles to get started, then I did a good thing to inspire someone else to continue on with the gift of their own life.

There is one other reason for reaching out here. One of the first goals I set on that first day was to motivate and inspire myself to fight on and reach this point one day. Nine and a half years later, every day of pain and struggle has been worth the effort. If I can do it, so can you!

This initial post, like learning to walk again, is only the first step. My hope is that you will choose to walk with me along this new journey. Let’s all find forward together!

Feel free to connect with me and share your story!

#Strokesurvivor #neverquit #Survivor #persevere #FindingForward #Stroke #Aneurysm #aneurysmsurvivor

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This is where I persevere for the time being while #hemiplegic migraine and #Dystonia symptoms are present.

I have two work stations at home. Most of the time, my body dictates where I will be working from. Today, this is where I’m trying to persevere from. This work station gives me the flexibility to rest when I need to, especially when partial paralysis from hemiplegic migraine sets in or when dystonia is severe.

Do what you can, when you can but make sure you take the break your body and mind needs. ⁣

#StayStrong and #persevere !
#ChronicIllness #InvisibleIllness #Migraine


Sometimes we just find the strength to keep carrying on #persevere

Somehow a nap revitalised me. I'm feeling a little more confident to tackle my issues and contact the right people. When things get overwhelming, taking a step back, crying, napping and then having a look at it again can help.

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Love yourself. Don't you think its time?

Throughout my life I have felt I was "less than". It was drilled into my head as a child. Nothing I ever did was good enough. That feeling spilled over into my adulthood. I have had flashes of self-worth but never sustained. I have only recently started to address the issue and I'm clawing my way out of one of the darkest periods of my life. It's time. It's time for me to realize that I'm as "awesome" as everyone says I am. I will persevere. ##Selfworth #persevere #Depression ##BorderlinePersonalityDisorder ##PTSD ##BipolarDisorder ##Anxiety ##CheckInWithMe ##Positivity

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It's amazing how one comment can just blow up your entire day. It sure is something when your ex informs you that you were not enough. Talk about feeling inadequate. The last 4 years I have done what I can to make this woman happy. To hear "thats not enough" just hurts my soul. I literally have a rock in my stomach right now. I'm on a journey of self discovery. (among MANY other issues) I am committed to improving my quality of life and to be a good partner in my next relationship. I know I'm not ready. I don't want anything but stimulating conversation and friendship. I'm trying my hardest not to let this affect me, but damnit. ##hurt #Depression ##persevere

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I try to be the best I can every day. Some days are better than others. Hoping every day gets a little bit better. I #persevere ! 💜