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#MS is miserable among other things

Hi, I'm new here and wanted to introduce myself. I have #MS , #Osteoarthritis , #cervical dystonia, and mild #heart failure. I also experience anxiety and depression.
I am so happy to be here with other people that experience many conditions. I really want to support you and need support as well. (The photo is my new baby granddaughter)

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Does anyone know any tricks on how to prevent my neck from subluxing in my sleep?#hypermobile #cervical #Pain #degenerativediskdisease

I have hypermobile ehlers danlos and I often wake up with my head cranked to one side. I realize that this happens when I wake up after my husband gets up for the day. I'm not coherent enough to realize it happens until I wake up a few hours later. I'm a side sleeper and when he moves it shifts the bed and I fall forward and my weight and his pillows crank my neck. I have degenerative disk disease in my neck and TMJ in addition. Thank you in advance!

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I got my official diagnosis! #HEDS #MastCellActivationDisorder #Gastroparesis #CervicalInstability #cervical stenosis #scolliosis

It’s been a long road but I finally received my official hEDS diagnosis along with a few other surprises and more news to come once testing comes back. But I thought who better to share the news with than with all of you? 🙂

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Dog hugs ❤️ #ankylosing Spondylitis #POTS #cervical Stenosis

Met this sweet guy over the summer. Makes my heart swell

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Is this a thing#

I've benign joint hypermobility syndrome #cervical stenosis C5 c6 # for the last 3 weeks it feels like my diagram is 2x as big, I'm being hugged by a bear , I'm almost hyperventilating # with a racing heart and stupidly over the top anxiety even in my dreams.
I'm in a lot of pain dizzy when I walk a d my feet have pins and needles


What you gave up

I was looking through my China cabinet and saw all the fancy glass my Grandmother gave me for entertaining guests. It was a reality check; I can barely entertain two guests now. I used to have twenty to thirty people over for party’s.
#cervical Dystonia
#hemiplegic Migraines
What happened to the woman I once was? Where did she go?


Twitchy legs at night

Has anyone who gets twitchy and jerky legs at night found any way to ge them to stop or at least twitch less? Driving me crazy! Thanks in advance. #chronic pain #generalized anxious disorder #social anxiety disorder #degenerative disc disease #cervical and lumbar stenosis #Osteoarthritis #Asthma


#cervical stenosis #Lupus #reumatoid arthritis

It struck me to see people stay positive no matter what and I try to live this way also;I have 3 crushed neckbones and it is too dangerous to operate because I can still walk and stand up on my own
So; this is 17 yrs ago and I live with constant pain since then, two yrs later I got Pfeiffer and since then I was always tired and all kinds of weird symptoms and my doctor started to laugh when I told him that I was thinking that I had fibromyalgia he even dared to ask me what that was ! Now I have a better doctor,I just want to wish everyone here all the love and light you people  deserve and together we could be Mighty  Greetings from Layla  Europe xxx


Kyphosis suggestions?

I have pretty noticeable kyphosis of my neck. I’d like to correct it especially before my wedding photos in October. Does anyone have suggestions as to how my doctor has been entirely unhelpful. #kyphosis #cervical Kyphosis #Fibromyaliga #BackPain

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Has anyone tried the Y strap at the chiropractor?

I'm desperately looking for an alternative to surgery. It's dangerous, My physical appearance will be altered, The doctor said There's a possibility I could eat out of a tube for a few months, and I won'won't that much less pain anyway. He told to me to really take my time thinking about this and explore all other options. I know about massage and acupuncture. If my Insurance would only authorize them, I could afford them. Right now, no. Has anyone ever heard of the Y strap? It looks really dangerous, but if you get a good doctor It can help a lot of cervical and spine issues from what I hear.
You lay down on a table, The doctor puts a black strap around your chin and neck, then pulls hard and fast. They massage with a special mach, and does a few other straightening adjustment. It sounds scary and looks scary. That's why I'm asking. Than you!
#cervical Kyphosis #cervical #neck #CervicalSpondylosis #DegenerativeDiscDisease #Chiropractor