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10 reasons to join the Crohn’s and Colitis Support Group

1. It’s full of other people with connections to IBD.
2. It’s a safe forum to ask any and all IBD questions.
3. It’s a way to connect with others on the Mighty community.
4. I’m one of the group leaders (living with #UlcerativeColitis ), and I’m pretty cool.
5. We want to normalize talking about poop.
6. We do Q&As with partners like Girls with Guts.
7. It’s a small but “Mighty” community that we want to grow.
8. It’s supportive.
9. Why not?
10. Do it today!

You can search the groups to join. #CrohnsDisease #InflammatoryBowelDiseaseIBD #ChronicIllness #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS

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The Mighty's Crohn's Disease community is 76,000+ people strong, but there's always room for more. Follow along or join in today—whatever is comfortable for you!
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What is something you wish people knew about living with Crohn's?

What is something you wish people knew about living with Crohn's?

Your response may be used in an article or video on The Mighty.

#CrohnsDisease #ChronicIllness

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The Mighty is a safe, supportive community for people living with disabilities and the people who care for them.

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If I could, I would, right? I'm not so sure.

As I wait on the approval or denial of disability income, I constantly battle shame for always being the "unwell one" in my family and guilt for going through yet another period of not working. Other periods have been a year or months, but so far it's been 3 months now.

What if they find that I'm not "sick enough" for disability? I stress every day as I watch my savings dwindle. I'd rather starve and suffer than ask my family for help again. It doesn't help that I struggle to validate my limitations and believe that I'm just being lazy or not trying hard enough. Everything in this picture is what comes to mind for me, especially all of this being in my head and that I'm a failure for not keeping up with others.

My health is continuously falling apart: worsening cognition, car accident injuries, IBS flare-up, stenosis flare up, medication side effects, yet I feel I am overreacting, that I am just letting my fears and laziness get the best of me, that I am not doing as bad as I think. I've felt like I am losing my mind for some time and can rarely see life worth living these days.

#SocialAnxiety #Depression #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder

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Where are you feeling stress in your body right now?

It’s no secret that stress affects more than our mood. It can take a toll on our mental and physical health as well. You could be embodying stress without even realizing it! If you’re dealing with digestive issues, head pain, fatigue, panic attacks, or high blood pressure that is out of the ordinary for you, and you’ve ruled out all other possible causes, you may be experiencing physical manifestations of stress — even if you’re not sure what’s stressing you out in the first place.

Take a minute to check in with yourself and find where you’re holding tension in your body. Can you identify what’s causing that tension? What can you do to try to relieve some of that stress over the next couple of days?

❤️ P.S. If you need a few ideas to get started, check out this Mighty story that’s full of quick and easy ways to ground yourself when you’re especially stressed or anxious: 15 Grounding Exercises to Manage Stress From Anxiety or Trauma

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15 Grounding Exercises to Manage Stress From Anxiety or Trauma

"These can help you connect back to the present moment by settling into your body through the five senses."
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I’m currently in the diagnosis stage for bipolar though I’m 99% sure I have bipolar 2.
I’m having the worst mixed hypomania episode that I can remember. This is in combo with recent SLE dx and some autoimmune gut issues-likely IBS/Crohns.

I’m really feeling at my lowest. I’m scared to take my SLE meds because of my gut & liver issues. I’ve just been thugging it out through the the body aches & pain.

I haven’t talked about any of this with friends and family. I don’t feel safe being vulnerable to this degree. In the past, it’s been dismissed or I’ve been cut off or relied on someone not healthy for me.

Finally seeking treatment because I’m tired of hating myself, not trusting myself and having to trust someone else to care for me.
I’d like to be able to know if I having exaggerated feelings or if someone is actually being rude/cruel to me.
I’d like to be able to let someone know I’m having a Hypo episode and ask for what I need.
I’d like to be able to ask for help and not push it away.

My husband was salty to me tonight and I feel like he murdered my kittens. I dissociated and now I’m bouncing between guilt and rage.

I’m a mess. I know meds, treatment, therapy won’t change all of this but I’m hoping for some brighter days once I get the help I need. Thanks for coming to my pity party pep talk.

#Bipolar2 #SystemicLupusErythematosus

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