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I understand! The longer I’m awake, the more awake I become, and the more impossible to sleep it is. I get more and more passionate and productive at night… i love not being tired while
like this, though I guess I’d rather be able to go to sleep normally and wake up still ready to take on the world, with the same passion. But because once my insomnia leads me to something I’m passionate about, I begin to feel like sleep would only kill my productivity anyway … I usually will stay like this maybe napping an hour here or dozing once in awhile for about 3 weeks, when “ lucky” ; then I go to the total opposite end of the spectrum and can’t keep myself awake, if for no other reason, the depression that comes with having to try and find
Productivity again. A week or so I find it again while laying in the dark, eyes wide….and the process repeats.
I know this isn’t healthy but … I guess it kind of has a positive side?… and a down side :/
Is anyone else..
Similar ?😅 #Sleep #Nightowl #Insomnia #MajorDepressiveDisorder #CPTSD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PTSD #Trauma #Caregiving #Caregivers #Burnout #Cantsleep #Upallnight #Sleep

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#Insomnia #Nightowl

Why is the rum always gone? Oh that’s why.

Thought my fellow night owls could use a laugh 😂


Are you a morning person or a night owl?

How do you function better? Are you a morning person or a night owl? What I mean by this statement is do you prefer to stay awake /are you more alert in the day time or are you like me and have more thoughts and more productive at night time. 😁
Either one can make me feel annoyed especially if I've had a bad pain day. Even though I have to take medication at night, I feel like I'm tired but then I can switch off, hence why I'm sitting here writing this post at 12.49am #Nightowl #Thoughts #Isitjustme


Oh boy, here we go again!

Once again, insomnia so had me pull an all my nighter. Good thing I found things to do to keep me occupied. It's 8 am here in Vermont and I still haven't gone to bed. I should probably take my Trazodone and get some sleep! #Nightowl #Insomnia

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Night Thoughts #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #aniexty #Depression #Nightowl #Sleep

Could I be overthinking again. Unreasonable thoughts, about my family members getting ill and dying. My stomach is in knots. I’m exhausted 😴 I’m starting to feel hopeless again..I want restful sleep.


More mighties #Upallnight

My app notifications are blowing up tonight. Must be more of us awake? Hello 4.30am how I don't miss you! Sleeping soundly in my days tight now and often my nights. Getting over whatever chest/throat issue I've had since 26th... Would be great for me to flick a switch and suddenly by up in the day and sleeping my nights away. #Nightowl
Who else is awake?

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I love the night #Moon #stars #Nightowl

I’m not backwards with my day & night, everyone else is! Don’t force yourself to conform to society flow. Flow with your own body. Don’t apologize to anyone about it either. My friends know I’m not a morning person & never made an appt. before 1pm.

I’m 10x more productive in peacefulness of night. Sun goes down & I get energy. My Pulmonologist says I have a “free flowing circadian (aka non-24hr cycle)” .
Pretty rad thing to have!

No sleep is no problem. There’s plenty more days you can sleep & be on ur A-game.
But today is an autopilot kinda day.

mornings?! nope, never heard of it!
Sunglasses....yes those I know!

(This was photographed with my Gosky monoscope & iphone few weeks ago)


Give me your best sleeping tips! #nosleep #sleeplessnights

I have the hardest time falling asleep at night, and I've tried everything! I typically don't fall asleep until about 2 or 3am, which causes me to oversleep because once I'm asleep I am a heavy sleeper. When I oversleep, I'm late for work, and now I'm at risk of being written up for it! I can't have that. What are your best tips to calm the mind and fall asleep earlier, to wake up earlier? #Anxiety #Nightowl


Mornings ☀️

Many people with POTS will probably relate to the fact that mornings are so not my thing. I am a true night owl. School was always rough because I’d feel so sick in the mornings, I couldn’t even focus and sometimes I’d have to skip first period. During the summer I don’t really have to wake up at any particular time so I haven’t struggled with any morning symptoms in awhile. This morning though I wanted to have a productive day so I set my alarm for 11:00, which is so not early. I got 9 hours of sleep, I should be good. WRONG. I woke up super groggy and now I am laying on my couch suffering from overwhelming nausea and a headache. Lessons to be learned from this? I will now be living my life as a sloth 🦥 #LivingWithPOTS #POTSLife #ChronicIllness #Sleep #Spoonie #nausea #Headache #morning #Summer #Nightowl #SpoonieProblems #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome


Night Owl

Only slept 2 hours tonight. Looks like I’m up for the day. I have surgery on Wednesday and I have never been so excited. This will be my 15th surgery I think. I lost count after 10. I’m excited because I’m guaranteed a few hours of rest and pain relief since I’m under anesthesia. If only we could all be knocked out every night to gaurantee rest. The full moon is coming up on the 5th and that always affects sleep patterns. Anyone else notice this? #Upallnight #CheckInWithMe #Nightowl #ChronicIllness #Insomnia