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    I'd like some encouraging words for today

    I'm having a hard time lately. There are too many stressors happening in my life. I woke up feeling overwhelmed and depressed. For the past two weeks I've been emotionally numb to what's happening around me. There are things happening in my immediate family (my grandparents are deteriorating) , and extended family (I am processing childhood trauma) that I have no control over. And I have been feeling betrayed by a old friend. I would just like some kind words to help me through the day. Please help. Thank you.

    #CheckInWithMe #Depression #Sadness #numb #kindwords

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    You are beautiful

    You are beautiful, strong, smart, lovable and everything good even if you cant see that now. But I will tell you one thing, beauty is something different to different people. In the eye of the beholder as the saying goes. Even if you dont know it, everyday there is someone who sees your beauty. Sees how incredible you are.

    You may be experiencing pain, tough times, sadness but your beauty will never go away so long as you are a good person. Even if you have made mistakes, because beauty is never perfect.

    Have a good day friends 💜

    #Anxiety #Depression #Suicide #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #OtherMentalHealth #beautiful #kindwords

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    Try This #AskMe #CheckInWithMe

    Often times all we can seem to do is speak our negative thoughts. Try this... Stop the mind race of negativity just for a moment and say 1 singular nice thing about yourself. Speak positivity into existence.
    I am CREATIVE! #Trythis #SpeakForYourself #ASK.#AskMe #kindwords #CheckInWithMe #Positivity


    Judged at various ages in life #whendoesjudementstop

    I have been judged today in a psychological report. It's only so I can seek compensation from the Defendant at the case I am attaining to next month.. That this report was ask to be prepared, but in its preparation, I have been shown and judged as a liar, junkie drug seeking opioid dependence user that requires a long term stent in a multipurpose rehabilitation life changing centre. They have judged my mental health, pointing out that I have psychotic issues that need immediate help and I will only meld down within a month to 4 months without this report and their therapy. I don't believe that because they knew nothing about me except the half dozen papers they were given to ask the questions they needed to answer and ask me.... My psychosis, drug use or whether I did or not lie has nothing to do with them and how it came to creating a report based on the judging me and and making me look like a clueless lying drugseeking opioid dependence psychotic mental crazy that needs to be in the nut asylum right away due to a horrid child up bringing...but that not the truth! The truth is please stop judging me. I've been judged from the first moment I was passed into this world. Can I have a fell moments and some kind words that don't judge me, but rather motivate me to start caring about life again? Negativity is killing me and no one understands what's going on... That shit hurts the soul!!!
    #CheckInWithMe #bepositive #kindwords ,Kind Hearts #haveaheart ,StopJudgingOthers!