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First Day of PT #Hypermobility

Today I had my first ever session of PT to address my knee pain from hyperextension/hypermobility. I was so sure I'd done damage to the joints, but apparently the pain is from the way my knees compensate for my weak hips. I've been afraid that my pain "wasn't bad enough" to warrant PT, especially since it randomly went from an all time high to its previous, lower level of pain as soon as I made the appointment. I'm the daughter of a hypochondriac so I'm always afraid of seeking medical treatment for problems that aren't legitimate, and having the professionals think I'm overconcerned.

I do want to prevent future knee problems, and my knees do hurt, so I'm trying to convince myself it's legitimate. The PT said that I need to build up muscle strength and relearn some movements. So there's a real issue. But still.

Anyone else struggle with feeling like your problems aren't big enough? And, if you've gotten PT for hypermobility, are you glad you did?

Thanks for making it all the way through that rant. This is my first post but I keep coming back to The Mighty as it seems like a lovely community :)

#Hypermobility #hypermobile #PhysicalTherapy   #kneepainchronic   #JointHypermobilitySyndrome

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Does anyone overpronate/have flat feet?

I recently started wearing insoles in my shoes for my overpronation. They work well the problem is I dont wear my shoes most of the day as I work in peoples homes as a home health nurse. Does anyone have any recommendations for hard sole slippers I could put shoe inserts in so I can wear them all day and night to make them more effective? #Podiatry #Flatfeet #Overpronation #kneepainchronic #gaitproblems #orthotics


#kneepainchronic #DegenerativeArthritis

Knee pain so bad can’t even walk in the winter I see why people move to Florida can’t stay in Michigan during the winter