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I'm tired of doctor's appointments.
I'm tired of my insurance denying me care.
I'm tired of being alive.
And I'm really tired of explaining why.

The pain is excruciating tonight.
It's ripping me apart.

The darkness continues to creep into my heart and I honestly believe I would be better off dead. Fuck Trigeminal Neuralgia.
I cannot continue to bear this burden.

#Suicide #TrigeminalNeuralgia #suicidal #SuicidalIdeation #TrigeminalNeuralgiaType1 #CheckInWithMe #MentalHealth #Lonelyheart #Sickandtiredofbeingsickandtired #HealthInsurance #tired #ChronicFatigue


Am I Not Worth To Be With Anyone?

I have always been a loyal and honest when it comes to relationship and I always take it for the team. But sadly what I have contributed, never reciprocate. I end up betrayed and many times, the women that I have dated use my weakness as a weapon against me. Makes me wonder is there ever a good and simple lady for me?

Celebrating birthday for more than 40yrs alone is hurtful, seeing posts in Facebook where your other pals are celebrating, birthday, anniversary, gifts and all, the happy face..makes me feel that I should just swan dive from 30th floor as this life is so punishing for me. People assume they know what depression is but they dont. I just dont know what to do. I never like being single as I will start thinking of hurting myself. I always hate being lonely. Wish I am never born cos assholes seems to be getting the great party invitations.

#Anxiety #Depression #sad #Lonelyheart


Feeling Invisible and unacknowledged #Lonelyheart

I hope I can find supportive, nonjudgmental people in here. I hope I find people who can listen and help me remember that I matter.


I feel like all my friends used and abandoned me....

I literally don’t have many close friends and the ones I did have seem to have abandoned me and don’t care. I use to have what I considered my internet friends to talk to but they have abandoned me as well as the kids I grew up in school with. I was always the outcast do to being in a wheelchair but I feel betrayed now cuz none of them keep up with me. I feel used and hurt by guys I met online who side they liked me but they used me and I have no idea what to think or do all this pain hurts so much. This is why I am cold hearted toward guys now and I feel like no one will ever like me much less be my friend and I’m scared of being used again. #Lonelyheart #Depression #trustissues #Coldheartedandbroken