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    Dialectical Behavioural Therapy and BPD

    Hey. I'm looking for some resources and support pertaining to Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, The STEPPS PROGRAM, AND BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER. #mentalhealthservices . IF YOU OR SOMEONE ON HERE CAN ASSIST ME THAT WOULD BE FANTASTIC. THANK YOU.

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    Joined a new role #MentalHealth

    Today, I joined a new role in the Mental Health Organization and have given an excellent opportunity to showcase my talent of helping and guiding people who suffer from stress and anxiety, and other mental issues. I may not be professional but I know my little help can make others feel better. #mentalhealthservices

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    A J
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    Why do practitioners avoid diagnosing?!

    My Hope's are once again dashed. Fobbed off with, "there's really no need to diagnose you, let's just work through your thoughts". Hmm well that's what I've been spending thousands of £ and hours doing for the last 4 years and I'm still no further forward so no thanks! Don't get me wrong, I try but it doesn't go anywhere, I don't want to be rude so I plod on agreeing and complying. Until I reach this point where I'm so angry I want to scream and say please someone just listen to me!! I'm not ok! I feel so different to everyone else, I struggle to relate, to bond, to connect, it's all just surface level to appear "normal". It's empty and awful, people wall away, people avoid me as they don't understand me and I am left here with a sense of shame, like I'm a bad person when in fact I'd never intentionally hurt someone and you don't realise I keep you at arms length for your own good. Because I don't know how to connect, to open up, to be who you need me to be.
    Another let down of avoiding diagnosing me and professionals telling me how I feel because I'm articulate, look normal and appear to function.

    #Diagnosis #MentalHealth #lonely #Shame #mentalhealthservices #alienation #herewegoagain

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    How do you handle opening up to strangers time and again for help? #mentalhealthservices #mind #CheckInWithMe

    So I have my first appointment with a Mind nurse in the morning, and I am scared out of my wits! I know they know all the things already from the telephone consultations - but even they scared me and I cried my eyes out too scared to verbalise things until I made myself because I knew if I didn’t I was only doing myself more harm. I have suicidal ideations. The thing holding me back is my daughter who I know looks up to me and shows me how she loves me. Feel like she’s the only one. The first time I actually did harm myself. I want to be the best version for her. Independent and strong! Help!

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    DBT Therapy Progress

    I began DBT for the first time a few weeks ago as soon as I learned that it was available in my community to those w/o health insurance. I feel really good about this decision. I learned about DBT nearly 5 years ago and have always been interested in taking it myself! I've begun individual therapy one hr./wk as well as group therapy 2 hours/wk. It is structured much like a college psychology course. I am learning so much about the complexities of psychology, relationships, others and myself! Taking DBT is a positive step for anyone; with or without diagnosis. I highly recommend this therapy or even just a course or two in school on psych. for all -especially those with any diagnosis such as but not limited to: Borderline, PTSD, Bipolar, etc. If you'd like any more information on programs that offer this to those with or without health insurance, please feel free to comment on this post and I will help you explore options in your area to the best of my abilities online. Love and adventures ~ Jack 💜 #progress #mental health #mentalhealthservices #services #Therapy #selfcare #DBT #BPD #Borderline #PTSD #Depression #PositiveVibes

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