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Check out our new ER+/HER2- breast cancer condition guide!

Are you or a loved one diagnosed with ER+/HER2- metastatic breast cancer and looking for a resource with information that combines expertise from both medical experts and patients? We got you!

Here is what you will find in our new condition guide:

✅ What Is ER+/HER2- Metastatic Breast Cancer?

✅ Managing ER+/HER2- Breast Cancer

✅ Common Breast Cancer Misconceptions

Mental Health and Metastatic Breast Cancer

✅ How To Talk To Others About Metastatic Breast Cancer

✅ How To Support Someone Living With Breast Cancer

Take a look at (and bookmark!) the condition guide here:

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The Mighty's ER-positive/HER2-negative Metastatic Breast Cancer Condition Guide


I’m new here!

Hi, my name is shannobi1. I've been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and I’m looking to connect with other young people dealing with a terminal diagnosis.

#MightyTogether #Cancer

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I’m new here!

Hi, my name is Stacy. I'm here because I’ve been living with metastatic breast cancer for 2 years now and would love to connect with others with same diagnosis


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Respond to Post Now!

I’ve had several notifications over the last week or so from group leaders to respond to various posts. The notifications end with “Now” followed by an exclamation point. I don’t think it is intentional, but rather has something to do with the programming code of the site. That being said, I think someone should look into changing the tone of the notifications to something less demanding.

I spent the last few weeks dealing with the two big C’s. The first part of the month I spent taking my daughter-in-law to her daily radiation treatments for her cancer that came back after only 8 months as Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Although they gave her three to five years, she is failing fast.

After that I was supposed to go to my youngest daughter’s house to help with her two little boys while she set up her new chicken coop. Instead, I ended up taking care of her and her two little boys because they were exposed to Covid while spending one night at her sister’s house. Both little boys had fevers and coughs. My daughter is vaccinated, but had a severe break-through case. Her husband was recuperating from elective surgery and only had a slight cough. I have been vaccinated and fortunately had no symptoms. I was very concerned for my daughter that first week as she got weaker and weaker, and all the while I kept getting notifications that I must answer The Mighty posts NOW.

I suppose I should have just turned the notifications off, but they were my only link to the outside world. My daughter lives in the middle of nowhere, and the only chance I had to look at my phone was after the boys were in bed, and so was I. Then, up at 5 the next morning to do it all again, clean, cook, play Transformers, Baby Shark, Blippi, Ryan, Baby Signing Time, etc., etc.

It would be nice to have had notifications saying something like, “There’s been a new post to our group. It would be great to hear what you think if you have the time.”



WHAT is insomnia?Im in a stage IV cancer.I rarely sleep more than three hours , in the quiet if the night that’s when my memories of when I used to hike the trails around Lake Tahoe, or when I could
Work, meeting children that needed help and guidance, I wake up missing my old life. Usually it’s the pain at night in my bones that does nothing to allow for me sleep.
My Doctor has my Insomnia listed as A Mental Disorder. Is it? Or is it a side effect of chronic pain from metestatic breast cancer? #painwarrior #MetastaticBreastCancer # #Insomniac #I need sleep 😴