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    What do you find to be the most challenging about a cancer diagnosis?

    Getting a cancer diagnosis is many things — heartbreak, anger, pockets of simplicity, grief, even gratitude. But there are parts of it that straight up suck.

    What’s been the #1 challenge for you or a loved one?

    #Cancer #BoneCancers #BreastCancer #OvarianCancer #LungCancer #ThyroidCancer #lymphoma #ChildhoodCancers #MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Caregiving #Grief


    Self-Loathing and Body Shaming With a Disability

    I am struggling. I am struggling with my body image. Self-loathing is taking over my life right now. I feel this is a subject that needs to be discussed.

    I have a rare bone disease called McCune Albright syndrome. I had an eventful childhood in and out of hospitals for years because it was more extreme when I was younger. Broken bones all the time. It’s very rare but it does affect people differently. It has affected my bones from the neck down. Some can’t walk or have facial deformities. I have had my own adversities in regard to deformities in my lower extremities. I consider myself lucky or unlucky. I thought that I had made peace with my body and embraced my differences, but sadly, I’m still struggling.

    It’s not OK to body shame anyone! I have felt body shamed by people who I thought cared about me and know me well. It’s extremely painful for me to discuss these issues because it’s causing me to hate my body. I hate my body so much that I can’t even look at myself naked. The worst part is, I feel that my body is unattractive to men. My fear is that I will never find a man who will love and accept my body for what it is and how it looks.

    Having a physical disability has been difficult to deal with, especially when those close to me have body-shamed me. I would like to shed light on this matter because I don’t think that anyone should be criticized for having imperfections.



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    What advice would you give someone recently diagnosed with cancer?

    Being diagnosed with cancer can certainly be scary, confusing, and frustrating — just to name a few of the whirlwind of emotions that may come up.

    If you could give any advice or words of wisdom to someone newly diagnosed with cancer, what would you share?

    🎧 🎙️ If you're up to it and would like to listen, feel free to check out this Mighty Podcast episode on what it's like living with a rare cancer:
    Living With A Rare Cancer

    #Cancer #BoneCancers #BreastCancer #OvarianCancer #LungCancer #ThyroidCancer #lymphoma #ChildhoodCancers #MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Caregiving #Grief

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    Check out our new Mighty group: Cancer Corner!

    🥁 Introducing… Cancer Corner! 🥁

    Cancer of any type brings with it a transformative experience for everyone it touches. Whether you have just been diagnosed, are going through treatment, or are in remission — our new Mighty group for you.

    We warmly welcome caregivers and those who are currently supporting or have lost a loved one to cancer too.

    This is a safe space to talk honestly about what you’re going through — the good, the bad, and the just plain ugly. Cancer sucks, but you don’t have to face it alone.

    🔑 Here’s the link to join: Cancer Corner

    #BoneCancers #BreastCancer #Cancer #MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #OvarianCancer #Caregiving #LungCancer #Grief


    I’m new here!

    Hi, my name is lyndenjones. I’m new to The Mighty and look forward to sharing my story.

    #MightyTogether #Anxiety #PTSD #ADHD #BoneCancer #breastcancer


    How my dad taught me to wait patiently on the lord before he

    Living with pulmonary fibrosis and the death of my dad who died last week.

    Dad had neuropathy and then he had several different #Cancer then he had #BoneCancers . Hospice was called and a few days later he had passed away. Without him knowing it, he taught me to be patient in the waiting I’ve had this rare lung disease for almost a decade now. Being on oxygen 24/7 is a blessing and a reminder that I’m still alive and I just need to wait on the lord and take it day by day, making sure to be good to myself along the way. One day I will be free of my infirmities and will be able to run, jump, hop, & skip weather their in Heaven or here on earth. I know my dad is in Heaven. He is not in any pain anymore. Today is the showing and tomorrow is the funeral. I’m sad to say goodbye. When he had to go, he took a part of me with him. But I will wait patiently on the lord and wait for a healing. Weather that’s here or in Heaven. I still remember he and I were dancing together on my wedding day. Almost 14 years ago. We danced to angel eyes by the Jeff healey band. He looked so handsome that day. & we were both in good health then. I know one day we will be dancing together in Heaven.

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    How has cancer impacted you or your family’s health story?

    For World Cancer Day (February 4th), The Mighty is honoring it by spotlighting two different cancer stories: that of a survivor and that of a caregiver.

    ⭐️ Meet Mel ⭐️

    The In-Between: Meet Cancer Survivor, Mel Hebert

    ⭐️ Meet Jae ⭐️

    The In-Between: Meet Caretaker, Jae Cobb

    This post (and day) is for you, cancer fam. We honor your journeys today. 💖

    #BoneCancers #BreastCancer #Cancer #CervicalCancer #OvarianCancer #ChildhoodCancers #Caregiving #Leukemia #ChronicPain #Grief #worldCancerDay #MentalHealth #CheckInWithMe

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    My little brain. My little scares.

    MSaversary thing. A little dark, so keep scrolling if ya’d like…

    17 years. Jesus H. Tap Dancing Christ 😒

    If you have a friend or family member with MS or (insert any “chronic” bullshit here), chances are they’re getting pretty shit full of it by now. Especially if they have other things in their life that needs far more attention. Like my wife of 20 years having cancer and the uncertainty of it all. I, am personally at that stage.

    It’s one thing to wake up every morning knowing you ain’t the prettiest person on the planets…or the smartest, or wealthiest. Makeup, books, and spending habits can alter those realities. But waking up every single day knowing a limitation will need to be worked around, and that tomorrow will be the same…or worse…that’s the reason you don’t see commercials for drugs on TV that mention that part, or books written about it sold at Barnes and Noble.

    We become absolute pros at mirroring that peaceful image you see of a duck in the water, all the while there’s a flurry of shit going on under the surface to make it look like the duck is just floating along life all Skittles and Rainbows. All because we don’t want to be THAT person who either 1. Complains about it all the time or 2. Sees that look of sorrow in their family and friends eyes that you are screwed…maybe somehow pitied. And there’s the double edge sword to that level of expertise #MultipleSclerosis #BoneCancers #tired

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    ✔ First Infusion down, only 5 more to go! #MedicalTrauma #CPTSD #Fibromyalgia #Selfcare #courage #BoneCancers #Agoraphobia

    Just finished my first IV infusion today! 🥳 Pretty proud of myself for going, considering the fact I was contemplating skipping the appointment when I first woke up this morning. 😊