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Does chemo trigger your anxiety and/or depression?

I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed that a few days after chemo, anxiety is heightened and depression sets in heavy?

I’ve noticed it the last few times along with the extreme fatigue and generally awful chemotherapy side effects. It’s a little hard to tell if the side effects and especially the fatigue are triggering my major depression and anxiety or if they’re being made worse by them or if it’s just another side effect of the actual chemotherapy drugs?

I feel like it’s worse than just the physical side effects, it stops me from being able to have any kind of enjoyment or sense of purpose or will to keep going period. Plus the physical symptoms of anxiety and depression just add to the physical symptoms I’m already having from the cancer and the chemo. I typically feel good the 1-2 days after chemo and then day 3 I feel crappy with side effects and a sneakily quiet depression and then days 4-6 the physical side effects, the anxiety and the depression are overpowering and take me over completely. I’m not me, I’m lethargic, angry, mean, I snap, I’m disoriented and disconnected from myself and everyone else. I can’t create anything, no art, no crafts, no coloring, no self care, no physical personal care… just laying on the couch staring at my phone or the tv hating the world.

Because of my heart I was taken off my psych meds in August and because I have Medicaid I only see a therapist via zoom once every other month. Which of course helps nothing. My primary care NP is the only one who can refer me to their clinic psychiatrist who prescribes and changes meds, however my PC NP is on maternity leave and that clinic has nobody covering for her patients. The joys of Medicaid in America where good medical care is only for the rich.

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I got the test results from the biopsy they took on Thursday. The procedure where they also took out my IUD, did a pap smear, and gave me my next Lupron shot. It's not good news. They found the cancer has spread to that spot. The weird thing is that area has been oddly itchy for roughly a year, and I mentioned that and another itchy area on a breast, at the time I really noticed it, to my primary care doc. She told me not to worry about it, and it was probably nothing. I'm wondering if I've been dealing with the cancer since then? Much earlier than I thought. Maybe it spread to that area before the bones. Would that area be considered skin or part of my reproductive tract? It was found throughout all the layers of the samples. Either way, it seems to be in another organ system now. They might have to take out even more when they do the hysterectomy, which means longer recovery time and more drastic looking. I thought it would just come back fine. #Biopsy #Hysterectomy #Health #Cancer #MetastaticBreastCancer #metastaticcancer #BreastCancer #tests



Thought I’d introduce myself. I’ve had many different health conditions, but the most limiting and scary right now has been metastatic breast cancer. I was dianosed in April after finding it through biopsies of my breasts. A while before that tests showed it had already spread to my bones. (It’s in my skull, shoulder blades, sternum, spine, pelvis, all over my ribs, etc.) It may have caused my fall in the shower back in March, too. If it’s in the bones, it can weaken them and make it easier to break them. I did end up breaking my right shoulder. I had surgery, and am still recovering from that. That’s been a pain on top of the treatments. My mom had stage 4 breast cancer as well, but it wasn’t as agressive. What got her in the end was really abdominal tumors. (She passed away 8 years ago.) Anyways, I’m overwhelmed with the treatments lately. My condition has gotten bad enough, I actually am using palliative home care. Without that I wouldn’t be able to function at all. They even come in to help me showers. The idea that people tend to not live long with this disease is difficult, too. I’ve been trying to improve my life through fun things every day. That’s turned into highlights and has kind of felt uplifting. A lot of the time it’s small things like a walk on boardwalk, trying a cheese tasting plate, afternoon tea, etc. I’ve also subscribed to monthly boxes. One being snacks featured from a different country each time, and the other with horror/mystery books. Something to look forward to. Haven’t gotten either yet, but they sound fun. #Life #Cancer #MetastaticBreastCancer #metastaticcancer #introduction #Intro #Health #Fun