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The Mask I Wear #Depression #Anxiety #mightpoets

Try as you might, you cannot put out certain lights
It may give you many frights
As it flickers and dances
We are designed to be scared of these enhances
Maybe even disadvantages

Whether or not you can see
The true form of something
This should not dictate if it takes your glee

Do not assume that the mask is evil
Do not brace for any expected upheaval
For the mask may be for protection
A facade to cover an one's personal infection
Please don't be scared of the cracks; It's not perfection

We're sorry you can't see who we really are
We're sorry some of us have made awful decisions
But please don't assume all of us should be behind bars

Everyone's mask is unique
To fit their life's physique
I cannot speak for us all
But I for one, will not take someone else's call
I will not let the mask I wear be the reason for my downfall


Childhood Surrounded by Addiction #Addiction #mightpoets

Never shall I forget the confusion I felt at age eight.
Never shall I forget the talk of addiction.
Never shall I forget how a substance could separate our family.
Never shall I forget the sight of my father leaving, but not understanding why.
Never shall I forget the smell of grandma’s house after constant nights there.
Never shall I forget the taste of the meals my sister made as she raised me.
Never shall I forget the touch of my sisters constant support and comfort.
Never shall I forget these two years.


My Promise #mightpoets

Why do you
Take my joy away
And make me sway?
Happiness is gold
So where did it go?

Why must you
Chain me down
Wishing I'd never be found?
Silence suffocates
And guilt dictates

Who are you
To tell me I will fail?
Making me notice every detail
Now I'm all alone
Where's the life i owned?

I won't let you
Take more from me
Because I want to be free
And I need to be away from you
I'm sure you know that too

You won't
Destroy my life
I deserve to thrive
And finally live
As the person i want to be

Why do you
Take my joy away?
Why must you
Chain me down?
Who are you
To tell me I will fail?

I won't let you
Take more from me
Not anymore.

And finally,
You will NOT destroy my life.
I will promise you that.

This is a note to my negativity. It's been a while since I wrote a hopeful poem haha. #CheckInWithMe #MightyPoets #Selfharm #Depression ?


#mightpoets #MentalHealth #Depression #Agoraphobia

A Mind’s Captivity
Step out of the shadows that are haunting
Peek through the panes of glass for clarity
Embrace the light to relinquish your fear
Breathe the air and release the worry
You’re unbound, you’re free, you’re still
Susan L Urasky

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The First Snow #mightpoets #TheLittleThings #TheFirstSnow

Standing in silence as the snow begins to fall,
I feel the inner turmoil and pain inside begin to call.

Then I am reminded when the breeze catches hold,
Of the wind chimes and her stories never told.

She plays her melodious songs of joy,
Almost as if it were a clever decoy.

I smile and nod a nod of understanding,
I take in a breath and feel my lungs expanding.

The cold crisp air reminds me I'm here,
I exhale I see my breath and with it the fear.

A wall begins to break and I let myself allow,
As I continue to breathe and live in the now.

The wind chimes play her song with more conviction,
As it melts away my internal restriction.

Snowflakes begin to fall on my face,
As the snow picks up it's falling pace.

I am here, I am alive,
I am a warrior, I will thrive.

Tears stream down and coat my cheek,
But not because this girl is weak.

It takes more strength to let go of pain,
Then the tears began to flow like rain.

The first snow was a reminder to me,
Never let go of the reflection you see.

She is there waiting to dance,
Just let her come out, give her a chance.

The wind chime's song was a gift indeed,
She gave me just what I need.

As the snow began to cover the Earth,
I felt like a child of rebirth.

Thank you for your song today,
It took some of the pain away.

I then retreat from the bitter cold.
To awake and see the first fallen snow.


#mightpoets Grandma Didn't Run

Grandma didn't run.

No indeed, Grandma didn't run.

Even before she had rheumatoid arthritis, she never ran.

You couldn't see it.

Grandma didn't run.

That's what you said to me after my diagnosis.

Grandma didn't run.

Running. I've always been a runner.

Runner first.

Marathons and medals.

Finish lines.

So many finish lines.

Rheumatoid arthritis later.

A blow.


You can't see it.

I keep running.

Grandma didn't run.

Fighter. I've always been a fighter.

RA wages a quiet war. 

You can't see it.

Small victories add up.

I share my accomplishments to inspire others.

A little humility would be nice, you said.

Grandma didn't run. 

I'm still running. 

I line up at the start of the race.

At the finish, arms overhead in joy.

Another battle won.

My heart loves it.

Adrenaline in my veins.

Smiling, strong, me.

Looks like your RA is fine, you said.

Irony. Disbelief. Sarcastic.

Because you can't see it. 

Because I'm still running.

Grandma didn't run.

is stealthy. 

Slowly stealing from me.

I feel it. I see it.

My heart hurts.

Mobility. Endurance. Speed.

My knees in protest.

You can't see it.

Grandma didn't run.

I keep running. 

But now sometimes, I walk.


The Crack #mightpoets

It was hidden …. This thing
It was hidden in depths so deep
That that the depths were hidden
Yet it showed signs of itself …..
Cutting, starving, pills
But it wasn’t there …. yet
Then the crack came
It was huge, ugly, loud, blinding
Still it was this unknown thing
Manifested through what was now a rag doll
Limp, lifeless, dull
But terrified and insane with rage
The crack,
The blinding light
The feathers falling through dark night
And then the maze
…. Through blackness to
follow the cracks of light
A path here, then there
Slowly, slowly more light
to white, to warmth
And a little sun


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it's not Me

it's not Me-
but it uses My Voice...
... lying..
..In my ear;
"don't you know your pathetic"
"you don't matter stupid girl"
"you never did"
Has anyone ever said this to me? No.....
except my darkness
except my demons
and over

But it's not me.

It's what I fight.
#mightpoets #Depression #neverwillgivep


#mightpoets #bipolar

Yesterday I am soaring to the sun
everything is bliss
Today I am in a abyss
darkness everywhere
Tomorrow I shall listen to the birds
Calm has occurred