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    Happy Valentine’s Day

    I could make an excuse for my late Happy V Day but to be honest, I always have set things to accomplish in a day and when whichever Your multiple health challenge is at the moment sends your train of thought right off the rails

    Hope everyone enjoyed their day however anyone does and I am wishing and sending everyone virtual hugs for V Day.
    #MultipleHealthChallenges #mightycontributor . #virtualhugs #gastropaersis #Fybromyalgia #Depression #Anxiety #MightyPets #tobytyler #blessedtobeamember .

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    Happy Valentine’s Day from Mr. Toby Tyler

    I’ve made my human sit down and post this to all the MIGHTY PETS, and there humans too! #TheMighty #mightycontributor #MightyPets #tobytyler

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    It’s all fun and games until...

    My check engine light is on 90% of the time. I have hoped it was just a bad sensor or false reading. Maybe something i can just reset by pressing A, B, and C several times while tapping D five times. (As per searching the web or fumbling through that huge manual for your vehicle that you’ve never actually needed to open)
    I feel like my check engine light is not just a friendly reminder for service due but a constant annoying light on my dashboard that haunts me.

    I’m usually reallly good at ignoring things, although i must admit this is not a trait to brag about when one ignores life’s curveballs that most certainly need to be addressed.
    I’m what you would call a...CRASTONATOR. So good that i have gone PRO. Lol, but seriously that’s not one of my best attributes.

    At this moment I’m not even sure where OR what this was leading too...?

    If you can relate to this late night mumbling please feel free to chime in 🧐🤨🙃 #Upallnight #MakeMeLaugh #mightycontributor

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    Oh boy, good old pal “painsomnia” has decided to come and visit with me....#Gastroparesis #Insomnia #mightycontributor #Sleep

    Who’s feeling the same way tonight? Hopefully my GP WARRIORS are sleeping soundly and peacefully and not in pain. For anyone unlucky as I am tonight feel free to drop a line! 😴 🛏 ⏳

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    New traditions and meaningful ones kept. Happy Holidays to all the Mighty’s!

    This year new traditions were made while a select few remained. My Christmas Eve and day was filled with love, support for each other, and peace. It was spent with the woman that is my whole world, my mother as well as my best friend, biggest support, and nothing short of an amazing man, my cousin Dave. Low key and relaxing. I am truly grateful. How was your holiday? Share your traditions new and old, GP WARRIORS! 😁 #Gastroparesis #Fybromyalgia #Depression #Anxiety #TheMighty #mightycontributor

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    Hey there everyone! 👋🏼

    I just wanted to give all The Mighty Gastroparesis warriors in this group a big hello and to briefly introduce myself. I’ve been a mighty member for a few years now and recently became a #mightycontributor which I am super excited about and honored.

    I have teamed up with the awesome Leader of this group and was welcomed to being the same for this group 😬

    💚 Lau 💚

    #Gastroparesis #TheMighty

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    Introducing Myself!

    Hi everyone! I’m Megan. I just found out that a story I submitted has been accepted for publication, and will be up and live within a month. I’m proud to be a Mighty Contributor. It is a personal essay about my decade long, nightly afflictions of sleep paralysis. Intertwined with information on the common misconception that sleep paralysis is a rare phenomena or form of demonic possession; as portrayed in the prevalence of recent horror flicks, such as Dead Awake and Mara, and even ancient folklore from across the world.

    I suffer from Anorexia Nervosa, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, ADHD and agoraphobia. Just wanted to introduce myself, and hope everyone enjoys my story once published here. #MightyTogether #Anorexia #Anxiety #Sleep #mightycontributor


    Christmas with chronic illness

    Christmas can be tough when you live with #ChronicIllness You worry about whether you will be well enough to enjoy the festivities. And some of the fun you miss out on.

    I hope all of you feel well enough to get some enjoyment from Christmas day. We're in this together 💪 #Mightyfamily #mightycontributor #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis


    You are awesome

    Stuck at home feeling ill, you get no praise for your achievements. But you achieve so much. You get through each day battling awful symptoms. So here is your praise. You are awesome. Keep going xx #ChronicIllness #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #mightycontributor


    I wish I wasn't...

    I am so grateful for the numerous people in my life that are so supportive. They remind me so often that my "bi-polar" is no different that someone with type 1 diabetes. It is 100% not my fault. And I shouldn't be that hard on myself. Thank you so much! Truly, without them...well let's just say....I know I'm beyond lucky! Here's the thing, I'm betting that type-1 diabetic would rather NOT be diabetic. And right now I REALLY WISH I wasn't bi-polar. I don't need the lecture on how I should embrace it and use it to educate others...that it is something I can use to help others. Right now, right now...I just wish I wasn't. I'm done watching it impact my kids, my marriage (I'm blessed with an amazing husband though!) I'm tired of having to make sure I do all these things to make sure I don't give into triggers or else I know the consequences...I'm just tired... #Depression #Bipolar #mightycontributor