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    × " HAPPY 4TH OF JULY " × #MightyFam #Holiday

    × " Hello, There Mightie's... This Is Your Residential Mighty Poet... Wishing You Are Well And Staying Safe On This Day... I Know That Alot Of People Don't Deal With Firework's... Etc.. But Alway's Grab A Stuffed Animal.... No Don't Go Squeeze Your Poor Cat's And Dog's... Insert < Sarcasm Here > 😂🤣... But Anyway's... I'm Sorry I Have Been Very M.I.A Lately... Take Care My Family... ❤❤❤❤ " × #Holiday Sincerly, ☆ S. K. ☆

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    Pleasant surprise #MightyFam

    Don’t know how a ran across this site but thank god I found it; this app opened up some new doors that greeted me with open arms. Thanks for being there for me last night when I thought I had nobody to turn to!

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    Pleasant Surprise #MightyFam

    Don’t know how I ran across this platform but thank god I did. Had a really tough night last night and had nobody to turn to and get some stuff off my chest. This app opened some new doors and I was greeted by some great folks. Thanks for being there for me last night!

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    Tomorrow (thursday 10/17) afternoon I’m having my fourth back surgery, SI joint fusion revision. I’m not going to say I’m scared or nervous but just a little anxious. I’ve had my absolute worst pain these past few weeks that I’ve ever ever had in my life. So I’m ready to have healing pain instead of broken screw bone pain. I will give an update hopefully sometime tomorrow night or Friday! Thanks for all of your constant support my #MightyFam gentle hugs to you all🙏🏼🙌🏼❤️Lets do this! #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Backinjury #SpinalFusion #SacroilliacJointPain #sciatica #Fatigue #Chronicpainwarrior

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    Feeling #invisible

    Anyone else out there feel like there’s absolutely no one that will/can understand their frustration with their brain and emotions except for the #MightyFam ? I work in a kitchen and today I snuck a knife to cut my thighs and I have 56 new cuts on me. No one ever notices my pain because of my #SmilingDepression but it makes me feel more alone and in my head. I feel insane. #Bipolar #Anxiety #Selfharm #Depression #suicidal #Parasuicidal #help

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