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Sneaky intersection of Post Concussive Syndrome, Trauma and ADHD #PCS #Trauma #Brain injury #ADHD

@mattsloan Info pls:) Thought car accident dislodged buried emotions, but wondering if there’s more to it than a brain/nervous system toss? What’s known re the misdiagnosis of presenting similarities of PCS, Trauma, and ADHD? Anyone?


Isolation and chronic illness #ChronicIllness #holidayblues #POTS #TBI #PCS #Endometriosis #EDS

I am so tired of being chronically ill. My ears hurt right now because I need to cry but I can't. I am isolated enough already and the holidays are coming...which for me means even more isolation due to the state of my health right now. My husband will go to holiday events and see his family. He may take the kids to see them. I will stay home and miss out and be hypervigilant that my family will show up and try to harm me. I will panic and try not to worry that all of us will get sick from exposure to germs from all the people visiting.

But what's more is the topic of my social world....or more the lack of it.

Right now what is on my mind is the nature of my social world. I get so tired of always being the one reaching out. Always being the one to give and check in with people, but rarely being the one checked on or reached out to. It truly sucks. All of my life I have been the "outcast" the "loner" and the one who doesn't have friends. It's absolutely exhausting to be this isolated and this alone when all you want is someone to just be there.

I haven't spent quality time with a healthy good friend in over 2 years. The last time I had some sort of social interaction it was when I had a couple times where random mom's whom I am not close to have offered to come stop by with their kids for playdates so my kids could be with friends. The hard part of these get togethers is that I don't actually consider these people to be good friends. While I could work to get to know them....what happened is that I discovered quickly that they aren't trustworthy healthy people I can be myself with. We ended up just "staring" at each other and making awkward small talk.

I just want a good friend to spend time with....just once. I don't want someone to tell me to count my blessings; flood me with toxic positivity; or tell me I should be glad to have x,y, or z....I am well aware of what I do have and am so glad for what I have....it's what I don't that is draining on my mental health. Humans are social beings. We are meant for community. And I need some. It's just not safe right now, and I am lacking emotionally and mentally healthy community members.

Can't wait for the holidays to be over. I will enjoy the snuggles with my kids and try to ignore the pressure of all of the gatherings and hope these emotional stirrings end soon.


Since my injury I have become a victim, it is hurting me and my husband and our marriage. He totally is understanding of my symptoms. Any ideas?#PCS


Setback #PCS #Fibromyalgia #HeadInjury#Pain#Loss

I really dislike the phrase “new normal”. This may be my current situation but this - all of these - is not normal. I’m going to have to cut my hair super short in the next few days because I just do not have the energy to wash it regularly. Forget styling or blow drying - just the act of washing and rinsing it and combing it out can send me to bed for a full day. I’m furious about this because I really like my hair and I miss the days when I could just “hop in the shower” and not have to psych myself up for it and call it a day afterward.

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Some relief from Migraine

Just thought I would share, these patches are amazing-at least comparatively to other things I have tried including multiple meds and home remedies. These last longer than any topical creams or oils and have less negative side effects and about as much effectiveness as rescue meds. They are a treasured part of my migraine kit. Just in case anyone can use these and get any amount of relief.

#Migraine #TBI #PCS #migrainekit #headacherelief #headpain


#Migraine #misunderstood

I am so sick and tired of having to justify or defend how Im feeling!! How hard is it to take what someone says at face value instead of asking them to justify it or worse just telling them its not true. Dont you think I know my own body?

My family is the worst, Ill try to be calm and clear and gracious and all they do is tell me that its not true or Im wrong. Like I will get told that its not too loud when I say it is (because noises overwhelm me and trigger migraines and other pain) and they'll just make light of it or say its not. I dont know what else to do or what else to tell them. Im so sick of being isolated and ignored.
#Migraine #Disability #misunderstood #PCS #BrainInjury #Undiagnosed #InvisibleIllness #ChronicPain #Pain


#PCS #TBISurvivor #mva #brianinjury

The Brain Fog Sets in for another  day ,  I have under 24 hrs for the Next Storm front . This year again the ups and downs,


Overwhelmed 🙃

I’m so exhausted of feeling so absolutely awful day in and day out. I’m struggling and no one will call me back. I’ll called serval therapist.. I can’t control my pain and it’s giving me such bad anxiety. Overwhelmed with every emotion. I’m not working and it’s making everything that much more stressful. Woke up in a lot of pain and it’s just triggering a lot at once today. #Fibromyalgia #PCS #Anxiety #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #ChronicMigraines