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    Concussion times #Concussion #TraumaticBrainInjury #Anxiety

    Im still healing from this concussion… spent a couple of days offline. Still minimizing screen time although that is hard for me (I’m sure it is for many of us!). Driving is also a challenge if I travel for more than locally in my town. Definitely trying to take it easy but it’s hard when I have a tendency to put pressure on myself…. #CheckInWithMe #Depression #HeadInjury

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    Update 2020

    Hello Mighty friends I hope everyone is doing well and I hope we all have been growing. I'm back on here looking for answer for myself. about 3 months ago I was involved in a terrible accident I crashed while mountain bio with my friends and I completely smashed my head I don't remember much of anything in fact I'm missing about 3 years solid of my memory. I was diagnosed with amnsia issues but that was about it. I have had to relearn how to work, interact with people and basically I had to understand that 3 years has gone by. I was involved with multiple problematic relationships that don't really plague my mind anymore. From what I remember because I write in my journal was that these things have had a huge impact on me but know since I can't remember it I've learnt to let it go. It's not for me anymore.

    I still do not understand why this happened to me. Basic things for me is difficult I can't be in work meetings because I get overwhelmed too much and I start panicking. Thank the maker that I have a super understanding boss who is trying her absolute best to worke into things slowly.

    More history with brain injuries. I played football for 9 years of my life and I have on record have had a total of 13 concussions minor and major after everyone I have pushed my body and mind to my breaking point everytime I never healed properly. I just kept going idk why and from what I remember and what I'm told those ones when I was younger were the worst I would have to stay in a dark room for days the headaches were always to much for me to handle and I sto developing issues with my eyesight. Fast forward too 3 months ago and all I felt from this injury is the loss of my memory that's it I don't remember having any issues with headaches or having to be in a dark room I was able to function perfectly fine 6 days after my injury. They only side affect was not remembering 4 year (it's now down too 3 years) I crashed going downhill with some friends and from what I'm told we were going really fast I got tossed of my bike and it was a pretty messy accident.

    I'm seeing all my specialists my doctors, neurologist, physiologists, and physiotherapist. Even they are having a difficult time trying to figure out my brain mostly my neruologist. I guess I'm just back on here reaching out to see if anyone else has experienced something like this. I know where I'm going in my life. It wouldn't hurt to have a few more people to talk to about this.

    I feel okay I just stay up late and I wake up late as well my brain runs in the late hours of the nights. Thank you for listening if you have a chance I appreciate it. (I can only post one photo of my helmet but that thing is bruised and banged up. There are large gouges and dents in the helmet)

    #Concussion #MemoryLoss #BrainInjury #Findingstrength

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    #ADHD #Concussion #dreams

    Guys has anyone else with ADHD had a concussion?? Because with ADHD, my dreams are NEVER linear. There is no timeline. But ever since I got a concussion like a week ago, my brain slowed down enough to DREAM like a neurotypical!! It was a single event, beginning to end. I have never done that before! It was incredibly peaceful. (I’m ok, I promise! 🥳)

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    PCS and Depression

    Hello all. I was wondering if any of you have dealt with deep depression after your concussion? I'm almost 5 months past my initial blow. But it feels like my depression has definitely gotten worse. I am already taking an SSRI for anxiety/mild depression. Thanks for your feedback!


    Music with #PostconcussionSyndrome

    After my concussions I cannot listen to music without getting symptoms. Even half a song can leave me with a hangover and I have to lay down. Is this just me? Has anyone else experienced this? And most importantly has it gotten better/how did you do it?

    #TraumaticBrainInjury #Concussion #PostconcussionSyndrome #VestibularMigraine

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    New to this

    I was just diagnosed today with chiari 1 today. Still have a lot of figuring out to do. But what are some things that I can do to calm my nerves and symptoms?

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    I don’t remember my life before... Being broken is all I know

    I don’t remember my life before...

    I’ve changed and lost all my “friends”. I get it, I’m miserable to be around and I wouldn’t want to be my friend either. It’s hard because meeting new people is virtually impossible with the daily battles with anxiety, depression, constant exhaustion, etc. and people that remember the “old” me have no desire of actually seeing me. Sure, there are the occasional texts, mostly in the form of a meme, but to actually spend time with me. It’s been over 2 years.

    I’m sick of everything. Staying in bed is my ideal day. I feel safe(r) in bed. I feel like things go wrong when I get up and try to do... anything. Even taking a shower is a struggle.

    I take 14 pills a day and remain miserable. Really? Is being miserable the best that I can hope for? This sucks. If I stop taking my prescription meds would I die? Death would be better than this.

    My life changed forever on July 20, 1993. I was a passenger in a car that got hit by a drunk driver. The end result was a fused neck and having to relearn how to walk. I was the only one that suffered serious injuries. Why me?? 16 years old and every dream I had for me future was gone. No more team sports. No following in my grandfather’s footsteps and joining the navy. No pilot training. No NASA.

    I got really good at retail. However, retail management jobs were never anything but a paycheck for me. How could I ever have the burning passion for this kind of job when I had unmet goals? Retail also wore my body out. Back pain for 27 years now.

    Another car accident a few years ago. Concussion. Lost count as to how many concussions I’ve had. Confirmed traumatic brain injury. Convinced that I have CTE. Planning to donate my brain to science when I die. Double vision. Light sensitivity. A lower back fusion. Heart surgery. Nerve pain shooting down my legs. Zero cartilage in my right knee causing pain with each step as bone grinds on bone. The pain meds making my exhaustion even worse.

    I’m just done. With all of it.

    #Broken #TiredOfMyThoughts #Depression #Anxiety #alone #CTE #Concussion #TraumaticBrainInjury #HypothyroidismUnderactiveThyroidDisease #ChronicFatigue #Disability


    I have #Bipolar2Disorder and recently got another #Concussion . It’s been about 4 days since diagnosed and am suddenly having bad #Mania + #Insomnia .

    I got increased on my sleep med, from a psychiatrist after one of the two falls I had, not aware I had a #Concussion . I was experiencing some increased #Mania . At first everything was just concussion symptoms besides that. Went to ER, was told I definitely had a concussion for sure. Started the med increase and started having visual distortion for a few days after diagnosis. Mania died down. But the concussion symptoms seemed to have been getting better and now I’m having crazy more than normal amounts of #Mania and #Insomnia along with trouble breathing. I was tested for #COVID19 and came back negative. But there have been people recently in our apartment not properly wearing masks and I did sort of fall again today while bathing. I’m also on #HRT for my #GenderDysphoria and the #testosterone might be why I feel like I’m having trouble breathing because stuff is developing. The mania is not horrendous but I am not sleeping and hyper. I don’t know what to do. Anyone have tips or suggestions or has been through similar situations?


    Has anyone had problems getting quotes for help at home?

    I have been trying to get quotes to have work done in our bathroom to aid with pain management since last year. Even before the shut down, people either don't call back, don't show up or once they come here, never respond to msgs again. Two men that came here said they wouldn't do the job because I wouldn't let them both in our home yo for the quote. Their ad was by a woman. I had thought I emailed a female trades person. They showed up at night. Another company stopped responding when I requested a female staff be present if they were coming to do a quote.
    Yet another refused to quote the soaker tub my doctor agreed would help. He instead insisted I need a walk in tub and put that on the quote instead.
    I never had trouble getting quotes before the speech difficulty.
    Am I overthinking this or right to feel. I'm being treated unfairly? #TraumaticBrainInjury #Concussion #PTSD #PainManagement #Mobilityissues