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    Living with myalgic encephalitis can be challenging. You don't have to do it alone. This is a safe space to talk to people who get it.
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    How do you feel emotionally when you hit that fatigue "wall?"

    Chronic fatigue has been the tiny annoying voice whispering in my ear since Spring 2015, because when your body exists in a state of permanent hypothyroidism, it has that fun effect!

    7 years in and I’d like to think I have it pretty figured out. I bargain ahead of every day, week, or scheduled future plan. I know what my body can go through to stay OK, and more importantly I know my limits.

    But life doesn’t work perfectly, and I can’t always control the circumstances around me. And when I end up overdoing it and hitting that “wall” where basically everything feels impossible, I notice my emotions dip along with my energy levels. When you have to revolve your life around your fatigue levels, one day can really throw a wrench into things, and is a perfectly normal and valid reason to be frustrated.

    When you hit that fatigue “wall,” how do you feel?

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    Who to learn better from than fellow spoonies! This group is here to spread the knowledge and make life with chronic illness a little bit easier.
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    What are your tips for pacing yourself throughout the day or week?

    Living with a chronic illness can sometimes mean not being able to go at full-speed all the time and trying to leave a little “gas in the tank” at the end of the day.

    What are some tips or hacks you use to pace yourself? Do you change your tactics depending on how busy life is?

    Share what you found to be best for you in the comments below! 🔋 ​

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