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Series: The Basics Part 1: Video Review

Hi Everyone!!!😀😀😀
Welcome to Bullet Journal Buddies!!!!
If you've looked at the video I pinned at the top of the group, you saw a summary of Ryder Carroll's Bullet Journal system.

Ryder uses a 6 month layout for his Future Log.

In the photo above, I use a single page for each month of my Future Log, as I have A LOT of appointments, labs, meetings, Zoom meetings, Webinars, discussion groups, etc I need to keep track of.

The Future Log is for anything Not in your current month.

I will post several photos to show you what Ryder's Modules look like in my bullet journal. There are tons of ideas for layouts for each module on the Internet, and you don't need to be an artist to do this.

Rapid Logging: think brief, concise, and Clear. You want to make your entry brief, holding and focusing on what is important so you're not writing pages and pages, but Not so brief that the entry makes no sense later when you review it.
I particularly like using Rapid Logging when I'm creating my "Yay! Little Victories!" list.
Rapid Logging also comes in handy when you are trying to take notes during an appointment, or making a List of Questions to ask Before the appointment.

Monthly Log: Picture coming. I determine how many lines I need per day on my Calendar Page by what is already in my Future Log and Events I have planned to attend. The only things I set down in ink are my appointments. Everything else is in pencil until After it's completed. Then I put it into the Calendar.

Weekly Log: Picture coming. Ryder doesn't use this one, but it helps me break my life down into manageable pieces.

Daily Log: Picture coming. I do not usually Rapid Log here. I journal. I write whatever comes, I keep my Little Victories and Gratitude Logs here ( a separate post coming on Gratitudes). I title it simply with the month, day of the month, and day of the week.

Index: Picture coming. I actually split my pre-printed Index in half, so I have more space. In Ryder's system, the Daily Logs are not indexed. You can do what you want. What is Important should go in the Index, so you can find it later.

One more item I use monthly, and it can be done weekly, is a Habit Tracker. Picture coming. I use mine to tick off the tasks I need to do daily to stay well. It can be customized for.....keeping track of medication, for instance.😀

The wonderful thing about this system is it's completely customizable and personal.

Please feel free to comment below with ideas or questions!!!😀

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What challenges do you face with staying organized? 🧺🧹

When it comes to staying organized, I feel as though I’ve tried it all. I’ve never been one of those people who can actually put “cleaning” on their to-do list and actually cross it off at the end of the day and actually say they’ve made significant progress.

Something that stands in my way is my uncanny ability to hyperfocus…on the wrong thing. When I manage to get some cleaning started, I will zone in on something and then two hours have gone by with my room still looking the same. I’d love to know what challenges you may face with staying organized. There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you have trouble staying organized.

Bonus: What methods have worked for you in trying to overcome your challenges? (I recently learned about “junebugging” from a story by Mighty contributor Megan Griffith. I definitely recommend you check it out, especially if you live with ADHD or you just hate chores.)

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