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Thought I'd start the day off with decluttering my house ready for new furniture and other furniture being moved around after having a bad night.. Over did it, 🙄 now I have a banging headache and pulled my back lifting the bed too many times.. #Depression #MentalHealth #deClutter #messfree #Headache #Cleaning #Overdidit #tired

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Over did it today!

Well, I think I over did it today!! It was our first beautiful day since it started raining and I had no work so we took advantage of it!!
I did my Sunday workout today, added my minute plank challenge! Took Loki to the dog park and we walked around the whole lake, came home, had a small bite to eat, had a nap and then we took Loki to the other dog park to play in the river!! Big day and my body is angry with me!! Haha.. what's knew?! Haha...
I am going to give my body a chill pill and get some sleep!! I had such an awesome day!!
#Fibromyalgia #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #FlareUps #healthyliving #MightyPets #Overdidit



Today was a “good day” symptom wise. So of course I overdid it and am paying the price tonight - headache, insomnia, pain. I get alll the lectures from people who actually care about me but it’s impossible to explain that good days are so infrequent, I feel I have to max out the good day because I never know when another will come. Sigh. I have never been good at moderation - all in it all out; 100% or 0%, which is probably part of what stirred up the undercurrent of #Fibromyalgia a long time ago.


False Sense of Security? #Fibromyalgia #PainManagement #Migraine #ChronicPain #Overdidit

I was finally able to get a small amount of my new prescription (Tramadol) the other day. It took a couple of doses, but it finally kicked in and I had a 2 pain scale day (terrific for me!). Needless to say I went way overboard doing things that I haven’t been able to do for at least a month and a half and boy am I paying for it now! Major migraine, body is somewhat unresponsive to what I’m telling it to do and oooh do I hurt! Today felt like two days long. I’m longing for sleep and pain relief. I’m nearly back to the point of crying whenever I move. (I’m not used to admitting that.)

How do you all pace yourselves when it’s taken so long to get a fairly decent day? Is there a secret? I certainly don’t want to do this again. Thanks for listening and any positive input.


Woke up well... not so much#ChronicPain #Overdidit #Outofspoons #Osteoarthritis #RA

Woke up feeling great. First time in awhile. I rushed around and did my housework, got a bunch of errands ran too. Well while grocery shopping a felt a small click in my hip joint and now... so sore. I ALWAYS do this! Now I’m gonna be sore tomorrow too. Currently on prednisone so I’m not worried about a full blown flare, thankfully. When am I gonna learn to pace myself on good days?!? Urghhh!

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