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    How soon did Prednisone side effects appear

    I just started talking 20mg #Prednisone 3x daily = 60mg. How soon will side effects appear? #weightgain How much weight did you gain & was it suddenly? I am having biopsy to diagnose #TemporalArteritis on Monday and there’s also possibility of #PMR Any information would be greatly appreciated ❤️

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    Community Voices

    The fatigue came along first and hit me like I'd just ran into a brick wall.... then came the strange ache which turned into pain. My GP prescribed prednisolone at 35mg per day ( apparently that is how they diagnose fibromyalgia if you go into remission with prednisolone then you definitely have polymyalgia rheumatica. My GP went away on holiday and I needed a new prescription my GP's surgery would not give me a repeat until I had been seen by the GP who originally diagnosed me with #PMR however, he was away on holiday and wouldn't be back for 3 weeks.  So I had to stop the medication then?

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