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    The CAST Process for negative self-talk

    If you struggle with negative self-talk and a mean inner critic then I hope this is helpful for you. I was listening to a podcast with Melissa Ambrosini where she shared her CAST process

    C- character

    A- awareness

    S- shut the door

    T- truth

    Make sure you join my mental health and wellness facebook community to learn more about this process: facebook.com/groups/accordingtodes

    #MentalHealth #negativeselftalk #positiveselftalk #positivemindset #Innercritic #mentalwellness #emotionalWellbeing

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    Your mindset matters

    Instead of thinking, “What if this doesn’t work out?” think, “What is this works out great!?”
    #mindset #mindsetshift #wellness #positiveselftalk #Positivity #positivemindset

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    Mindset Monday

    The way you start off your morning can determine your whole day.
    Here are a few things you can do each morning that will help you have a beautiful day ❤️ #mindset #mindsetmonday #positivemindset #positiveaffirmations

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    🧐Sunday thoughts...

    I know easier said than done.
    We can all strive for all of it!

    #Bekindtoyourself #MentalHealth #selfcarelounge #Selfcare #positivemindset #Depression #Anxiety #DistractMe

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    Mental Health Quote #MentalHealth #quote #positivethoughts #positivemindset

    Thinking positive can he hard sometimes especially while depressed, but we need to try to focus on positive.

    It is easy to get in a rut where our negative thoughts keep us from doing things, but it is important not to let them.

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    Never too old to start anew, shift your attitude, and believe in yourself

    I find that learning from my experiences and changing the way I process, respond and act in challenging times can empower me with hope and belief that I can live and grow and become a better man...one choice at a time! In my men’s group we talk about becoming a man of integrity and being authentic. Living like this requires focus, determination, commitment and fighting to get better! The changing of my attitude and actions can greatly affect my day to day mental health and empowers me to rise above depression, anxiety, fear and worry by being integrated in my own growth and development! This is an ongoing process...one day at a time, even one moment at a time...and when I fail (which I often do) the key is to not beat myself up or get too down, but just pick myself up and start again anew! This is easier said than done but actually seeing the positive results in my life and my evolution can be enough to always continue to move forward. My mantra is just “Do the next right thing”! #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #BipolarDepression #BipolarDisorder #PTSD #positivemindset #HIVAIDS #SurvivorsGuilt #Addiction #AddictionRecovery #Sobriety #Selflove #


    Actually having a good day

    Laying in bed spending time with my wife and puppy she works from home and I start a new job on wendsday so I’m just living for now #positivemindset


    Join me with some positivity about food?

    *trigger warning, food struggles*

    I’ve never really struggled with food/exercise until recently. I’m trying to change things because antidepressants have brought a lot of weight gain. I’ve been trying to come up with positive and healthy (not critical or obsessive) ways to think about exercise and food. Can you help me think of more?

    1. I get the chance to get stronger.
    2. I get to try new recipes and food.
    3. I get to establish a workout routine so I’m not as lonely at night.
    4. I’m saving money by not eating out as much.
    5. I often feel less depressed and lighter after working out.

    #EatingIssues #BipolarDepression #positivemindset

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    Positive Intentions #Depression #Anxiety

    It’s been almost a week where I’ve woken up feeling pretty good about myself and optimistic about my day.
    Looking for work has made me reflect on who I am and the skills and experience I can bring to a new job, which has helped me see that there is a lot I have to offer. This has been a great confidence boost.
    #Selfworth #positivemindset #GoodDay