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H is for Healing:

*Disclaimer* this is written from the personal perspective of one of our volunteers. Others' experiences may be varied or different. All opinions and experiences are welcomed, valued and valid.


Any and all aspects of mental and physical health.

#itsOkNotToBeOk #ok #heal #Healing #healingjourney #Realisation #SCUFF #ScarCoverUpFreedomFund #mentalhealthhealing is what we believe will happen when seek help or begin to move through our mental (or physical) health journey. Taking a retrospective view - healing looks nothing like we expect it to look once we are on or down our own path.

For example, we may expect that healing will be being free of our intrusive thoughts or feelings, whereas when we reach a milestone in our journey, we realise that these feelings are still with us, but the way they affect us or we react becomes different.

We may have hoped to overcome triggers and may later learn that the triggers will remain but that we can learn to control the size of our reaction or that a new technique or approach makes us see or feel something in a new light.

Healing may also follow a different path to that which we expected. Perhaps we thought that time on medication would provide a "cure" when in fact we come to realise that more often than not a holistic approach is what is needed - that inner and outer work are both necessary; medication, therapy and perhaps a change in lifestyle are the combination we personally need to reach our "healed" state.

This might include looking at our job, home environment, interpersonal relationships or even diet and the way we move our bodies. It could include taking up a new hobby to refocus or often includes letting go of some of the things that put too much on our time or commitment "plates". Learning to prioritise ourselves is often the biggest shock and learning curve in the healing process.

The healing timescale is most definitely what shocks and surprises most of us. It is not by any means a "quick fix" (and it is certainly not easy). But that bigger shock comes when we do look back and reflect on how far we have come on our healing journey; things that we may for so long have not thought possible become part of our day to day life again, other things we thought we'd never be able to let go of have been cast aside and we can feel massive benefits from this.

A big part of healing that most of us don't comprehend at the start is the realisation that some (maybe all) of what we are healing from will stay with us, but that is ok and our thoughts, feelings and emotions about it are valid and that this#mental

is ok too.


The challenge begins #Battle #AFightWorthFinishing #Realisation #Support

Today was a chat. Not any kind of random chat where you giggle at the most silliest of moments but a reality check chat. It was the C talk! I didn't feel it was going to go well.... Well why would it as I knew just from what the topic was it was going to be horrible. I have so much support handed to me which is great to battle the C I need a army but at times I wish I could single handle the C on it's on. I'm very lucky! The question is........ Why do I wish to fight this alone? Why do I push those closest away? Why does my heart feel it is about to jump and leap onto my lap?


They were telling me the truth, I think... #Realisation #MentalHealth #Relapse #denial

My emotions were all over the place last night and I accidentally revealed to my mum that I had stopped taking my meds from November, last year. She was reasonably furious and I am no longer responsible for my medication which makes perfect sense.
The reasons why I stopped in the first place was that I thought that I either didn't need them anymore or that I was fully recovered although at the same time I felt as if they were trying to shut me up, I honestly don't know...
I'm finally at a place now where I realise that maybe I'm not mentally healthy after all, that I do require medication to function, no matter how scared I am to take them initially. My family are telling me the truth, they want to help me and not harm me. I still have a long way to go but I hope everything else falls into place for me and my loved ones. #Revelation #mentallyill #Acceptance #Medication

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Had a horrible slap in the face today

A colleague of mine sadly passed away this morning. Everything was normal yesterday then she just didn't wake up.
She had a few health problems; she used to joke about all the tablets she was on, but she was active and always had on a cheerful face. She babysat her grandkids, looked after her unwell mother-in-law, went on weekends away with her sister, ran our charity at work. Now she's just suddenly not with us anymore. I won't see her ever again. We weren't particularly close but we have known each other for 3 years now and it's going to be so strange not seeing her smiling face anymore. Not having her famous cheeky rapport with all the customers who loved her.

I'm approaching 30 years old and have had very little experience with death so this is sort of new to me. For a long time now I've been wishing my life away. This has made me realise that I don't want that. I don't want to die. I want to live. I want to be happy. I want to be a better person. I want to value the people who are important to me and have them know that. We're all just potentially moments away from losing something or everything and being so harshly reminded of that has shaken me up.

#Depression #SuicidalThoughts #Death #Loss #Realisation