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Morning ChatSpace #CheckInWithMe

Good Morning Chatties 🖐

Its actually Sunny in the UK today. The sun has decided to show up today 🌞

All of July its rained and been a wet damp wash out. Looks like August might actually be more like a Summer . 🏖

Today I'm off out again for only the second time since lockdown with my neighbour, to go out for a lite lunch and help her with The stock of Teddy's 🧸she sells at a local antique store.

It's a way for me to reconnect with the world in a small controlled way. Baby steps.
After 4 months in isolation it's pretty scary and very Causes lots of anxiety. 😷
The store is huge, very few people there during the week, they all turn up on the weekends.

So that's me for the day.
What are you up to today ?
Love n hugs Tj

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Update #52SmallThings

So, I set goals back in January to get out of my wheelchair this year and get rid of my picc line. It's only April, so I still have two thirds of a year left to do that. My current situation is that any time I stand on my legs I get pain in my shin that feels like my bone is bursting. X-rays haven't shown anything yet, but my doctor fears it might be a stress fracture forming. So I'm having to listen to my body, even if that means using the wheelchair 24/7. As for getting rid of the picc line. It's going to be a long process. My body has depended on fluids, electrolytes, medicines coming through a vein for the past four years. Now I have to slowly wean from those things because my body has to relearn getting nourishment from the things I eat and drink. A home health nurse draws my blood every other week. We base my treatment each week on how i feel and what my labs show.

I tried reconnecting with my community. It didn't go so well. One family showed up for my family game night. Although I was disappointed that more people didn't come, I made the most of the time I had with those who did come. I also started my craft group back up. Three people showed up for it. We did enjoy being together working on a crochet project together.

Things might not be going the way I want them to go, but I'm a warrior and I refuse to give up or back down. I'll just try again and if it doesn't work out, I'll make changes or try something different. I've learned that alternatives always exist.

#52SmallThings #Update #Reconnecting #NeverGiveUp #chronicillnesswarrior #adapting


#52SmallThings #Reconnecting #don 't GiveUp

This week-end, I went to the station to catch a train to see friends I hadn't seen for almost a year.
Train 1:30 late.
I was anxious to tears, cold, wanted to get back home.
As I was begining to write my friends I'd given up, I heard the announcement saying the train was there.
Better week-end I've ever had in months.
So glad I did not give up.

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