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    Community Voices

    I hope this can be one place for me to actually be safe here | TW exclusionism, drama | #Anxiety #GenderDysphoria #sad

    I hate drama when it comes to real life or any kind of non-lighthearted arguments. I also despise exclusionists, especially those in the LGBTQ+ community. As someone who’s LGBTQ+ it’s so sad and irritating to see. Those who take fiction too seriously in a negative way, especially if someone uses it as a coping machine, get to me as well. I absolutely despise cringe culture and the word “cringe” itself (unless someone reclaims it). Death threats (to anyone, and I mean anyone) are also an absolute no (they’re such cruel phrases).

    Those are some of the reasons I stay away from most social media, including Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, even most LGBTQ+ wikis and servers, etc. I can never get around to being on those, not often anyway. I only post on Discord, but I’ve left many servers due to toxicity, one from a toxic user that has been spreading pretty unfair and toxic assumptions, and he wasn’t even a friend to me or any of us.

    Looking up information sucks, too. It suck seeing “he or she” or “both men and women” or “*insert trait* is when women have *blank*” when I’m nonbinary and hate being seen as a woman. It also sucks being erased when I’m in a polyamorous non-romantic relationship when all I see is monogamous (couple) based information, and polyamorous being mostly defined as romantic and/or sexual..

    Because of all of this, I often feel that this world doesn’t make sense. I see so many things wrong with it (especially with America and the internet, I have a love-hate thing with it). I hope that this place can understand me at least because sometimes I feel so done with this world.
    (Also apologies for the very long post, there’s usually so much on my mind)

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    Community Voices

    How do I keep myself from telling everyone I have borderline?

    I have a massive need for validation and live in a constant state of anxiety.

    I really want to tell especially higher up managers in my organization about my mental health problems to get validation. I have a good/jovial relationship with most of them (eg talking about computer games and having lunches etc.). However it’s a really bad idea as it’s emotional dumping and unprofessional.

    Most people at work do t know about my issues though I’m sure they talk a little about it from time to time.

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    Community Voices

    I'm new here!

    Hi, my name is Diana_Gizmo1. I'm here because I was raped at 14, 2 year abusive relationship in high school (mentally and physically), met my sperm donor at 19 got pregnant at 20 had two kids with him(only good things I got from him) abusive as well. Stopped dating for 7 years. My friend suggested online dating found my husband of 15 years, mentally and physically abusive manipulative narcissist. We just got divorced. He still calls texts finds me on tic toc snap everywhere. He did something so vile to me on snap somehow I got the courage to block him from anything I could think of….. I’ve never had a good relationship with “men”. They scare the shit out of me! I met up with an old friend one night asked me to dinner I said yes I’ve known him since I was 13. Turns out he’s not that boy I use to know….. just as vile!! I’ve tried suicide 7 times, once before I was a teenager, then after the rape and 5 times with my ex husband. I have a long list of shit wrong with me mentally.

    #MightyTogether #Anxiety #Depression #BipolarDisorder #PTSD #EatingDisorder #Grief #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

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    Priyanka Joshi

    How Writing for Mental Health Became My Biggest Coping Mechanism

    We spend a lot of time judging others, whereas a whole world lies inside our little minds, which can turn our life upside down. It was in late 2016, but I clearly remember myself lying down on the bed staring at the ceiling fan and wondering what is happening to me. Is this it? I was always an ambitious learner and proactive person and suddenly my world came to a halt when was diagnosed with lymph node tuberculosis. I had 15-17 tumors inside my body and my daughter was just a 2.5-year-old at that time. I had a happy family once, and suddenly my life started abandoning me from every corner possible. My health and my relationship both started falling into bits and pieces at the same time and the more I tried to find the missing pieces and patch things up, the more it went out of my hands. My illness made me anxious as the treatment period went on for one whole year; I had to leave my job, and maintain some distance from my little girl in the fear of passing any infection to her. To distract me, I created a blog and started writing about my thoughts and feelings, people started connecting and eventually. I used the power of my pen to raise mental health awareness and beat the stigmas attached to it. Because I realized how your thoughts matter, how your feelings control you and unless and until you start to talk about it no one will be able to help you. My treatment was successful physically, but it did change something inside me. I felt more vulnerable and sensitive. I always talked about how I felt, I always reached out to my father about how the last few years have been impacting my mental and physical health, and he would always remind me of my capabilities and my past achievements and instill a ray of hope with patience and love. As I went to fix my relationship issues with my ex-husband, I realized how much mental toll this has been taking on me. I used to get hospitalized every now and then, my immunity level went down, I would feel heavy, and with no energy to do minuscule things. I would drag myself and I knew something is not right. As the situation started worsening with my marriage, I even went into a deep depression, I had this strong urge of taking my life and I use to fight with that urge every single day and every time my daughter’s innocent face would snap me back into to the present moment. I fought and fought daily. Then writing helped me. Writing became my biggest coping mechanism; I would feel restless if I was not able to write, and I have written over 1,000 blog posts and published three books in the time span of four years, I have a 25k blog reader base per month. This is something unbelievable for me coming from an MBA finance background. I learned SEO, educated myself in this field, and learned to write effectively, and it helped me. Writing is cathartic to me and I took time to educate myself, believing how my mental state can impact my physical state and I needed all the help I could get, my family helped me a lot and I even consulted with a psychologist, who made me realize a few things and ever since then I have never stopped working on myself. That’s what I try to do through my blogs, my podcast and Instagram page, I try to keep it real and promote self-awareness. I understood that the more we know ourselves, and understand our thought patterns and triggers, the more we enable ourselves to develop coping skills to stay resilient and work towards healing. Today, I am a respected mental health blogger and a single mother still working on creating my own space. I wanted to set an example for my daughter and decided nope, this is not how my story ends, so I changed the narrative and I moved to the UK at the age of 36 to pursue another master’s degree and start my career, giving myself another chance to do things right and with more courage and grit this time. I am still working on myself, I still have those days when I don’t feel like getting up from the bed but the moment I feel like slowing down is the exact moment I get up and do something, I leave that space and change my view. Through my blog “Sanity Daily” have dedicated a part of my life to helping others. Two years back, I started an initiative called “Letters of Compassion,” where I write and send hand-written letters to complete strangers. I run a talk show on my channel called “Humanity ki Chain” where I invite people to share their stories and enable others to talk about mental health. I use my podcast channel “Mental Health First” to spread awareness. People want to talk about what my husband did, what I did, what went wrong, what I should have done and all other thousand things. But I chose to focus on today and only now because I have no control over the past and future. All I know is to work on myself and I have taken full responsibility. I never felt this liberated in my life; there is a sense of reward when you give something back to society. People call me sensitive, my mental state might be vulnerable but today it is my biggest strength because now I own it, I know myself and I am open to learning and discovering more, loving more and living more. I am grateful to my family, my daughter, my friends, and my ability to write. I am me, because of them. Thanks and regardsPriyanka

    Community Voices

    Well here it goes

    Well I have borderline personality disorder and I "know everything about it" because it is me to a t. But I DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT! I thought the way I thought and felt n the way my mind worked was normal and everyone must be the same with exceptions of like depression and anxiety and things like that like I had no idea most the things I think or feel are totally irrational. Please someone talk to me or tell me some things to help calm me because I feel like my whole world is fake now or I just don't know anything to do about anything anymore and I tend to hurt the ones I love especially in a relationship I keep making them the bad guy then running away then seeing it's me and coming right back there's just so much to this disorder that I'm unacknowledged about. I watch psych videos but it would be cool to hear from someone with BPD plz! Thank you

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    Community Voices

    “If I don’t make it out of this alive, please do not let my story end here.” #CPTSD #DomesticAbuse #Agoraphobia #ChronicMigraineSyndrome

    This is the first thing I said upon arriving in my therapist’s office yesterday. I really feel this sense of impending doom and I fought too hard to not have a portion of this heard.
    I have CPTSD from a couple of abusive relationships/childhood trauma/a hostile work environment. I have been unable to gain stability since early 2016 when I left my (now ex-) husband. I am unable to work, considered disabled, unemployed, homeless, mentally and physically unwell, etc.
    My story isn’t this. It is that I already overcame trauma, superseded the expectations of anyone, and became a reputable professional with leadership roles and a network of colleagues that I collaborated regularly with. I had friends, the best of friends, through thick and thin, until they were not.
    Now I don’t remember who I am. I don’t have an identity. My future is beyond dark. Even if I do make it through this; what’s the point? I don’t feel depressed as much as acquiescent (IDK if that can actually be a verb but we are working with it). I never was depressed until lately.
    I have a voucher but my case manager has done nothing. Literally nothing but caused problems. I am not getting my basic needs met at all (such as, you know, my prescribed medications 😑)
    My options are basically nonexistent if I want to maintain a modicum of safety. (Currently considering asking a church if I can stay in their parking lot). Or- my ex boyfriend I recently reconnected with is offering to get a place with me. And my therapist at the domestic violence agency who knows my situation doesn’t condone this but also acknowledges this may be the only option I have.
    Taking a moment to really drive that home: my situation is so dire that my therapist (whom I respect and supports me entirely and I have a good relationship with) is acknowledging that moving in with him is likely the only quasi-option.
    This is already rambling so I’m just going to stop. Idk if anyone will see this. I’m just so scared that I am coming up on the end of my story due to a lack of shelter, support, and hope.
    #CPTSD #DomesticAbuse #Agoraphobia

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    Community Voices

    Insanely triggered

    I was punched at work last week. Protecting a client at work. My landlord just told me repeatedly maybe I should have been punched. They also brought up my ex and how well he is doing without prompting. Just came into my home and start bringing up a past relationship they know was horrible and how well that guy is doing. I gasped at his name and thought I was going to throw up. Now I know he’s getting married this weekend and it’s going to mess up my whole weekend. I don’t look shit up about him for a reason…

    Then dealing with that and the “I must be the bad person who caused everything and that’s why he’s getting all the good stuff in life and I’m struggling situation.” Then the landlord threatened to evict me repeatedly and told me I should have been punched. I’ve been homeless before and horrible things happened…

    Now I’m all messed up in my head and can’t calm down. I feel sick. I feel like all I’m seeing is the horrible cruel mean side of people. I can’t stop crying. I’m thinking of hurting myself. I’m not going to do it but I’m falling apart. It was already a hard night.

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    Community Voices

    I'm new here!

    Hi, my name is DulceAnj. I've been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis, Psioratic Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I have always had depression and anxiety and I have been on medication to control it for the past 33 years. I’m looking for a community that understands and is able to support this journey with me and perhaps you can share with me your journey and what lifestyle and medication changes you have made to live as normal a life as possible. I’ve been living in constant pain for the past 10 years hence the fibromyalgia and Autoimmune diagnosis. the person I used to be no longer exists and I think in most part the depression comes from lose of that person. The constant pain and fatigue has worn me down, it has affected my family and my relationship with my friends hence who better to share my experiences and get advice from those who understand what it’s like to live with chronic illness every day. Look forward to hearing from you and continue this journey together. 🤗

    #MightyTogether #Anxiety #Depression #Fibromyalgia #Arthritis

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    Community Voices


    Is it wrong for me to answer my boyfriend phone all the time? Why I asked this because it seems like his babymama have a problem with me always having his phone. If I don’t see a problem with it neither does my boyfriend because it answers my phone as well. My relationship is built on trust and loyalty. Sometimes others would ask me why is his babymama calling all time or you don’t have a problem with it. I do have a problem with her calling all the time but if it’s about my boyfriend son than it’s fine. His son is important to him and I’m gonna stand by him no matter what. I already told him, that if it’s not about his son, she shouldn’t call him. Sometimes I think I’m a bad person for saying that and maybe I am. I’m pregnant right now trying every day to be the bigger person, when it comes to his baby mama but everyday it’s constantly asking for money. My boyfriend and I been trying to get back on our feet slowly even if we only have a little money we try to send something. But is it wrong that I wish she go get a job and stop asking for money on a daily basis, because everyday she calls about money. I hope I’m not a bad person for this.

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    Community Voices


    I am incredibly grateful to everyone for sharing. I’ve been wanting to post, but felt trapped and reading y’all’s posts have been affirming and inspiring.

    The past two weeks have been rough - an eviction note for a previous tenant was taped to my door last week and it just so happened to be on a day when two friends were visiting and I was already borrowing spoons about a month out 🥵

    It sent me back to the feelings of worthlessness of childhood - picking the most important things to take in the car, in search of a family’s spare bedroom or hotel or shelter. Until we realized it wasn’t my name.

    In those moments, I felt so isolated because you hear how everyone talks about homeless people… especially in a city with a lot of them. Once, I pissed someone off and their retaliation was telling everyone I lived in a shelter. So I built a wall that took many, many years to come down.

    Recent life events brought it all back and I narrowly missed an eviction myself a couple months ago. That notice, even with the wrong name, sent me back. The wall took a lot slower to form this time because I was actively preventing it- but I took some trazadone and went to sleep and woke up and it was there, despite my attempts at rationalizing.

    Throwing up the wall is isolating. But I think in a necessary way at the moment. I do not have the stoicism/detachment I once had. I think after processing some of that trauma, I’m more normal now? Like people always wondered how I could be the less fortunate friend always and still maintain my pride. I guess it was because I never felt less fortunate… Not until now… so my pride is hurting a lot. So many emotions I’m experiencing that I’m actually feeling all the way through. And it makes me do stuff that almost 30 year olds shouldn’t be doing Like ending relationships and friendships and jobs and whatever else.

    I talked with my psychiatrist so I’m gonna restart meds tonight. And I’ve got some tots in the oven. And I’m going to add a tapestry to my wall. And if I feel lonely, I’m going to turn to the good memories to keep me warm instead of fixating on the bad ones that burn me up.

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