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Diagnosed with Pots syndrome today #LivingWithPOTS #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome

Hey everyone, I spent the night in resus today but i'm finally back home now! my diagnosis was pots syndrome, i have had that written in my journal previously for a long time as one of my suspected illnesses turns out i was indeed correct, so now I'm even more convinced I'm right about the neuropathy and ms too. The doctor has reffered me back to cardiology as i was discharged from the service a few months ago. I'm waiting to hear back from my gp about my recent blood work and my refferal to neurology, this a&e doctor was great although he did say try not to come in to a&e for irregular heartbeats unless it's serious & to flag it and tell me gp, which just left me wondering how I'm supposed to know when it's serious or not,i guess I'll learn how to tell eventually, He admitted it looks like i have various conditions that need to be found. One diagnosis down and I'm actually happy, it explains so much!!!! #ChronicPain #Relieved #POTS #nervoussystem


Transparency In My Chaotic Behaviors Admitted & Addressed #Deceitfulness #Bipolar1 #ChaoticBehaviour #GuiltyShame

Has anyone ever had issues with sneaky behaviors and taking things that aren’t yours? I am embarrassed to admit this, but I really want this to be a positive experience by addressing all the negativity I brought in sneaky behaviors in my relationship. I would sneak beers, and I’ve lied about it when I was asked. The worst one is that I’ve taken money out of my boyfriends wallet before. A five here and there, and denied it for a week until I couldn’t sleep I had so much guilt. These behaviors have always been around a mental health crisis, and suicide attempts. I just wanted to ask is this just me, or had anyone have impulses to sneaky behaviors? I did this in my ed behaviors decades ago, yet in my relationship was affected by the way I wouldn’t admit it right away. Knowing he knew, yet still having these childish behaviors with him feeling he couldn’t trust me. Please share what is honest with your comments. I really appreciate having your opinions or experiences with anything like this. #Relieved

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Parkinsonian/Extrapyramidal side effects #SchizoaffectiveDisorder

Hi all!

I've had a mysterious condition for a long time, where I lose the ability to voluntarily move and talk for anywhere from 10 mins to an hour. I'm completely frozen, except I can have an involuntary smile response if somebody says something funny. I am completely aware of my surroundings, and want to interact with people, but I can't. It has a gradual onset and ending. My service dog alerts to it. None of my doctors could figure it out, so they just said it was probably catatonia. I was tested for seizures, but they didn't find anything.

So anyway, I had brunch with a friend who's a doctor and another friend who has a master's degree in research psychology with an interest in psychopharmacology. I was telling them both about this mysterious condition, and they both agreed that it sounded like a basal ganglia problem. They said it was likely an extrapyramidal or parkinsonian side effect from my high doses of antipsychotics. They said it would probably be helped by taking a second dose of cogentin in the mornings, instead of just taking it before bed.

Well, I went to my Psychiatrist this week, and told him about this, and he added on the second dose of Cogentin! So, maybe I won't have these episodes anymore! I can't believe none of my clinicians over the years even considered that! I'm so hopeful that it'll help! And it's such an easy fix, if it works. I'm thrilled!

#SchizoaffectiveDisorder #SchizophreniaSpectrumPsychoticDisorders #Schizophrenia #SideEffects #Relieved #DrugInducedParkinsonism #MedicationInducedMovementDisorders #PsychiatricMedication #Medicationreaction #Medicationchange #medicationsideeffects #Medicationstruggle


Finally got answers

After 18 years of having my multiple autoimmune diagnoses, I finally know where they came from. I never knew if my diseases were hereditary or if it was just a freak incident. It probably sounds silly but in a way, I'm now relieved because I know it is just something literally in my family's blood. #Relieved #autoimmune #Spoonie



Why does #Journaling make me feel worse? I’m writing a whole bunch of stuff down and then feel bad about what I wrote. I can’t tell if I’m releasing stuff or not. I don’t feel #Relieved I’m scared to even go back and read anything I’ve written even if I needed to share something with my therapist. That would be a MAJOR #trigger