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Nervous system healing sound

Anyone who has nervous system issues should listen to this on Spotify. After a few minutes there’s a wave that goes through your body listening to this and eases pain. #PTSD #Anxiety #nervoussystem #Healing #ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia


You Walk Your Talk

You walk-your-talk, you harvest

the mini acts of triumph,

recuperate and integrate

your nervous system's present time

organization of the past,

the way the inescapable mistreatment

replaced your human longing to connect

with self-protection patterns on default;

You name your triggers, learn to

manage your flashbacks, you master

grounding techniques,

and all that jazz

until primroses heralding your win-win,

and all that seems so hard today

becoming your warm-up.

#PTSD #Flashbacks #selfcare #grounding #nervoussystem #TraumaRecovery

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Holiday season #Trauma #nervoussystem

This popped up on my Insta as I was realizing holiday season is just around the corner . . .


Healing trauma at the cellular level #CPTSD #Trauma

Please look up Irene Lyon on Youtube. She has a ton of science-backed trainings, Q&Asessions, special lecture series, etc., on just what you described—it’s called the “new” traumatology, and Irene is a nervous system specialist who teaches you how to access your physiology, tapping into our innate ability to heal at the cellular level. It’s the missing link to becoming our own medicine by being an apprentice of our nervous systems. This work throws all other mind-body info out of the ballpark! She’s brilliant and has combined the works of the forefathers of the “new” traumatology (team) that’s been in the making for 70+ years by some of the most brilliant forward-thinking minds on the globe who are all doctors of their specialties: Dr. Bessell Van Der Kolk from Harvard; Dr. Gabor Mate; Dr. Peter Levine; Dr. Kathy Kain; Moshe Feldenkrais; Dr. Doidge; Dr. Porges; Dr. Terrell; Dr. Robert Scaer and others—Irene combines the teachings of all of them—she learned their works-- and it’s become her life’s work—and she graciously shares it with the world in hopes we can stop raising our young incorrectly and therefore, create happier, healthier nervous systems in all! Irene hopes to have a polyvagally-informed society someday, and thus, has a real eye-opening, revolutionizing, and fascinating online program called SmartBody SmartMind. There are thousands of people from over 90 countries in the world participating in this cellular-level healing of trauma. Teachings of practices that actually work--by working with the body on the cellular level getting to the REAL, ROOT. Unfortunately western medicine looks at trauma as an event—as something that affected our mind --and therefore they try to treat the mind, and often without success of it “sticking”. Trauma is not an event, it’s what happens to the body from the event. The body traps the trauma and stores it. Dr. Van Der Kolk’s book: “The Body Keeps The Score” only ONE resource that scientifically proves this. Check out the following youtube videos--just learning about this traumatology science actually helps your nervous system while you’re learning it, believe it or not!  

Some of the YouTube Videos I suggest to watch are: 

 “A tribute to Dr. Vincent Felitti and the ACES study.”

 “How is trauma REALLY released?” By Irene Lyon

 “How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime” Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, TedTalk, YouTube, published 9.12.19

 “How safe do you feel? Revolutionizing mental health with the polyvagal theory” By Dr. Porges

“Special topic lecture: Real Healing Means Real Feeling” By Irene Lyon--she has tons of videos that teach you all about the nervous system, the polyvagal theory, and trauma--from how it happens, why it happens, how it gets stored in the body, why it gets stored in the body, and what you can actually and effectively do about it! #CPTSD #Trauma   #polyvagal #nervoussystem #aces #Dissociation #fightflightfreeze   


Diagnosed with Pots syndrome today #LivingWithPOTS #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome

Hey everyone, I spent the night in resus today but i'm finally back home now! my diagnosis was pots syndrome, i have had that written in my journal previously for a long time as one of my suspected illnesses turns out i was indeed correct, so now I'm even more convinced I'm right about the neuropathy and ms too. The doctor has reffered me back to cardiology as i was discharged from the service a few months ago. I'm waiting to hear back from my gp about my recent blood work and my refferal to neurology, this a&e doctor was great although he did say try not to come in to a&e for irregular heartbeats unless it's serious & to flag it and tell me gp, which just left me wondering how I'm supposed to know when it's serious or not,i guess I'll learn how to tell eventually, He admitted it looks like i have various conditions that need to be found. One diagnosis down and I'm actually happy, it explains so much!!!! #ChronicPain #Relieved #POTS #nervoussystem

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There are no words... #Childhoodtrauma

#Childhoodtrauma especially if it happens in early childhood and pre-verbally is challenging to detect and heal. Chronic #Stress deeply impacts the #nervoussystem and leads to #maladaptive patterns and behavioral tendency. This is very profound book, looking at #developmentaltrauma from a somatic and mental stand, offering great practical approaches to integrate and resolve trauma. ##NARM


Fellow lupies: anyone have specific cold arms or legs? #Lupus #coldextremeties #symptoms #weirdsymptoms

Recently I started a flare where my arms and legs grow cold and almost feel numb. I have a feeling it's affecting my nervous system right now because my head seems to be harder to hold up and I'm just exhausted beyond belief. I just wondered if anyone else has or have had these symptoms??? #symptoms #Lupus #coldarms #coldlegs #nervoussystem #numb