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I feel as though I have no control, understandably, we have a virus that we did not have to have, if they acted promptly. Like Russia, movements restricted, what to buy, where to go or not go and we do not know what causes this epidemic nor where it comes from.


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I've had such a hard son will not come home and has been living with my parents and has gotten into a lot of trouble since living with then. Friday I have to go to the DMV with him to get his #restricted Drivers License. He lost his priveleges for having #Marijuana in his car. He has gotten in trouble at school too, yesterday being the most recent, he got referral to prinicpal for sleeping thru class & refusing to wake up per teacher. I'm doing better with #daily #ChronicPain but the emotional pain makes the physical pain alot worse! I feel like I'm failing as a mom and as a chronic pain patient...I haven't taken more meds or anything like that, I'm on a patch, but I feel like my pain is made so much worse with stress & knowing I have to be in court, at FMV, at school on days when I can't predict how I will be feeling.
I just need to say this out loud to someone besides family. I feel like my mom and stepdad are enabling bad behavior because my 16 year old never did this kind of stuff living with me and his father.
So #confused & feeling #anxious a lot. Panic attacks make my #ic flare up, and idk what to do. I have coping skills, but at a certain point enough is enough! Anyone ever feel like they're letting everyone down, even though they're not source of problem? I have been told that my son resents me bc of being do I react to that? How do I "change" that? My daughter age 12 a table the exact opposite about me and my #illnesses . Do #boys handle this differently than #Girls ? #Parents can any of you relate? #helpme # thoughts #flare #emotionalpain #physicalpain