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Did you know I had Cancer #worldCancerDay #Sarcoma

Did you know I had cancer ? #worldCancerDay

6 months after the Mayo Clinic sent me home to die ( quite literally )
When the miracle of prednisone came , I could eat again .
And I finally felt like I was getting my life back .
I was diagnosed with cancer .
And not just any cancer
Ironically the girl who WAS dying from an unknown rare disease ( later to be diagnosed co-morbidities like gastroparesis from UCTD and CVID. )

I’m tempted to make a vlog sharing my whole crazy cancer story,
How I canceled the surgery I was suppose to have to remove the remaining tissues , the day before surgery . and drove up to the cancer center with nothing but a sticky note in hand. Only to end up getting a doctor at the cancer center who was one of 5 in the US trained to treat this cancer.
Then learning you have amazing odds if DFSP treated right . But treated wrong it becomes crazy aggressive .
Adding to the horror and the miracle that it was inches away from being in my lungs before we caught it .

But This #worldCancerDay

Also being in #raredisease month .

I scroll through photos at the time of my diagnosis and beyond .

And I can’t help but feel gratitude for all the life I have lived since then

I’ve had kind of a bummer day emotionally because I haven’t been feeling good , and I just REALLY want to go see my aligator in the art show .

But As I’ve scrolled through 5 years of photos .
I feel the absolute privilege it is .. just to be alive ❤️❤️.

Cancer taught me to take advantage of every new experience.

Because today , and the ability to live through it . Is a gift ❤️

#smileon🐷 #dfsp #sarcomasurvivor #spoonie #cancersucks #chronicillness #hope #nec #unicorncancer #itgetsbetter

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#Cancer . I didn’t celebrate my “cancerversary “ like I normally do.. and that’s ok 👌🏻❤️

My 4 year #cancerversary was on the 10th . ( yep that is a pic of my cancer )

And when I woke up and remembered ,

I felt this feeling of dread .

Maybe I was just having an “off day”. But I didn’t take that day like I usually do .

I didn’t eat extra cake , do something fun , celebrate being alive , take cute pictures, and write something deep and meaningful about existence .

I tried to take it out of my head that it was my cancerversary.

Avoided my phone .

Did chores .
Watched TV
Played with my nieces
And tried to treat it like it was a normal boring day .

Because I didn’t want that reminder that mortality is fleeting .

I didn’t want to reflect on the fact That 6 months before my diagnosis I told “ enjoy what life and quality of life you have left “
Because of my rare auto immune disease.

And then when I found a miracle treatment and FINALLY thought my health was under control .

I was blown over by the words
“You have cancer

3 words that forever changed .. everything.

With my health lately feeling like a grenade being held by someone who is just itching to pull the pin and watch the whole thing explode
While I beg them not to do so .

I didn’t want to remember how life can change on a dime .

I’m grateful to be alive ,
I’m grateful to currently have “ no evidence of disease “

But on that day .
Not acknowledging my “cancerversary “

Not making a big deal out of it.

Was how I coped.

Anniversaries can be a big deal
( in a good and a bad way )

Life can just be .. overwhelming sometimes.

I challenge you today to take 30 minutes for self care .

Whither it be eating your favorite food , going on a drive , taking a bath, buying something for yourself, reading a book , painting your nails , taking a nap.

Do something to make sure your ok . 👌🏻 because you deserve the same love and care you so freely give others ,

#smileon🐷 #spoonie #cancersurvior #sarcomasucks #dfsp #unicorncancer #chronicillness #raredisease #thecancerpatient #cope #selfcareisntselfish #Sarcoma #MightyTogether

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Long time, No type, New Tumor

Hey Mighty Fam! #MightyTogether

Long time no type! So as the worlds been ending. My body has been falling apart ( what’s new lol! 😅). Between managing my #UndifferentiatedConnectiveTissueDisease ( UCTD ) , my #CVID , and getting use to life on #IVIG . ( holy cow us sick folks use a lot of acronyms! 😂). A tumor that has been causing pain in my upper thigh for about a year. Decided to become utterly exrusiating. And having a history of #Sarcoma ( DFSP). You can imagine the emotional rollercoaster this sucker has taken me on. My sarcoma doc refused to remove it because it “shouldn’t hurt “ . But after getting horribly misdiagnosed from my “second opinon surgeon” and being sent up to him. He FINALLY agreed to do the dang surgery ! So I’m getting this bad boy cut out on Wednesday. But my body is prone to complications.. and because of #COVID19 my #Caretaker has to stay in the car in the cancer center parking lot. And I will .. for the first time EVER be “ flying solo” for surgery 😳. ( gulp!). So life has been crazy but you .. my mighty family are always on my mind! I hope to share another article.. and more thoughts with you soon! ❤️❤️


Newly Diagnosed with #Cancer #Sarcoma

Hi I have been on here for sometime and decided to join the cancer community,, I was just diagnosed with cancer I have a neoplasm what is called a sarcoma it is under my right arm it was found on my mammogram that I just had I didn’t even know it was there,, I was having arm and shoulder pain for a very long time. I will be having surgery to remove the tumor and also one of my ribs,, I’ll also have reconstruction surgery as well this is so nerve racking being diagnosed with cancer during this pandemic and I wanted to know from other cancer patients how are you all coping? #Fibromyalgia #Sarcoma #AutoimmuneDisease

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