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Did you know I had Cancer #worldCancerDay #Sarcoma

Did you know I had cancer ? #worldCancerDay

6 months after the Mayo Clinic sent me home to die ( quite literally )
When the miracle of prednisone came , I could eat again .
And I finally felt like I was getting my life back .
I was diagnosed with cancer .
And not just any cancer
Ironically the girl who WAS dying from an unknown rare disease ( later to be diagnosed co-morbidities like gastroparesis from UCTD and CVID. )

I’m tempted to make a vlog sharing my whole crazy cancer story,
How I canceled the surgery I was suppose to have to remove the remaining tissues , the day before surgery . and drove up to the cancer center with nothing but a sticky note in hand. Only to end up getting a doctor at the cancer center who was one of 5 in the US trained to treat this cancer.
Then learning you have amazing odds if DFSP treated right . But treated wrong it becomes crazy aggressive .
Adding to the horror and the miracle that it was inches away from being in my lungs before we caught it .

But This #worldCancerDay

Also being in #raredisease month .

I scroll through photos at the time of my diagnosis and beyond .

And I can’t help but feel gratitude for all the life I have lived since then

I’ve had kind of a bummer day emotionally because I haven’t been feeling good , and I just REALLY want to go see my aligator in the art show .

But As I’ve scrolled through 5 years of photos .
I feel the absolute privilege it is .. just to be alive ❤️❤️.

Cancer taught me to take advantage of every new experience.

Because today , and the ability to live through it . Is a gift ❤️

#smileon🐷 #dfsp #sarcomasurvivor #spoonie #cancersucks #chronicillness #hope #nec #unicorncancer #itgetsbetter

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How has cancer impacted you or your family’s health story?

For World Cancer Day (February 4th), The Mighty is honoring it by spotlighting two different cancer stories: that of a survivor and that of a caregiver.

⭐️ Meet Mel ⭐️

⭐️ Meet Jae ⭐️

This post (and day) is for you, cancer fam. We honor your journeys today. 💖

#BoneCancers #BreastCancer #Cancer #CervicalCancer #OvarianCancer #ChildhoodCancers #Caregiving #Leukemia #ChronicPain #Grief #worldCancerDay #MentalHealth #CheckInWithMe

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What has #Cancer taught you?

Maybe you're the survivor/fighter, or maybe its from your experience as a caregiver, what has cancer taught you?

Share the good, the bad and the ugly! Let's connect and support eacj other through shared experiences.

Stay Mighty my friends!

#worldCancerDay #DistractMe #Cancer #OvarianCancer #ChildhoodCancers #ChronicIllness