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My Scars are My Tattoos

I do not have any body art, or what most people call tattoos. Several of my friends and family members do. I think their cool and would get one…if it didn’t hurt!

I do have other tattoos that go deeper than the skin. I have scars tattooed on my heart from my past. Before I was diagnosed with bipolar, my life was completely out-of-control. I have done things and said things that I am very ashamed of doing and saying.

The story doesn’t end there. I know someone who has tattooed my name on the palm of His hands. Jesus. It doesn’t matter what I have done or said, He took it to the cross and there it stayed. The scars on my heart are still there, but they are covered with His blood.

Your scars, whatever they may be, are covered with His blood, too. Just accept Him as God’s one and only Son.

#Bipolar #mentalhealthmatters #god #Jesus #savior #cross

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Mental Wellness Minute - Shame

Today on Mental Wellness Minute, we will discuss briefly how shame can affect your mental health. The purpose of Mental Wellness Minute is to give short bites of information on mental health and mental illness that you can listen to and watch in about a minute.

#mentalhealthmatters #god #Jesus #savior #Forgiveness #Shame

Mental Wellness Minute - Shame

Today on Mental Wellness Minute, we will discuss briefly how shame can affect your mental health. Amy, the Life Conquering Advocate, can come alongside you ...
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A #mighty #ThankYou !!!

To all who prayed for me after my urgent request, I think, in early April, thank you sooooo very much! Believe it or not, I had 15 false accusations waged against me by a local government agency due to the words of one employee! Here’s the scoop:

Due to my Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), I was on a medical leave unexpectedly longer than originally planned. My employer approved medical leave resulted in an unexpected and illegal termination. And because of the termination, I had to apply for short-term benefits. That agency viewed me as fraudulent based on an employee’s suggestion and my employer’s denial of my medical leave.

Long story short, to clear my name, and qualify for short-term benefits, I eventually learned I submitted ninety plus pages of written documents and images showing I did indeed have an injury AND was on an approved medical leave from work. In spite of all of the paperwork, I was then subjected to multiple sessions before a justice to testify against the false claim held MYSELF. I basically served as my own attorney. Lord! But no fear 😧 s involved in this because the Lord simply allowed me to share the truth! Oh my, the entire month was extremely trying. And because of those accusations, I nearly lost my apartment because during the entire month of May, as I was unexpectedly dedicated to settling that matter, I had only $180.00s to my name! Yes, pray for my poor credit card debt!

Anyway, you #mighty folks, your prayers resulted in the Lord miraculously and surprisingly covering my rental fees and clearing the false accusations. Also, and more importantly, your prayers provided me the strength to continue to confront this very demeaning situation rather than succumbing to an absolute depressed state, which I was in when I first requested prayer in April. My TBI PTSD nearly tipped me over the edge, literally. So I thank you all sooo VERY MUCH!!!❤️

#Prayer & #power over #Depression & #Anxiety = #TheMighty #strength from our Ever-present #savior , #Jesus & #TheHolySpirit : #thelord !

Photo Credit: Google Search Isaiah 41:10: wesellphotos.

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Mother's day

Your warm embrace
Is my safe haven.
Your laugh is infectious
Your smile brightens a room.
Your love is neverending.

Your heart is beautiful.
Your eyes tell stories.
Your soul is giving and caring.
You've been through the ringer a few times,
But you are still just as loving, caring
You're a strong, independent mother.

Thank you for always cleaning.
Thank you for working hard to keep a roof over our heads.
Thank you for loving me with your whole heart.
Thank you for every sacrifice you've had to make.
Thank you for being my bestfriend.
Thank you for being the best mother i ever could have asked for.

I love you.
Forever and always.
My bestfriend.
My mother.
You have my heart.

I love you mom. Happy mothers day.

#MightyPoets #Love #bestfriend #savior