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    My birthday is next month. Send me a positive message for my birthday that I will remember forever please

    I can’t believe the year is almost over and I am gonna turn 26 years old. Please leave me a nice little message for my birthday coming up and wish me the best.

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    I’m new here!

    Hi, my name is FreesiaElizabeth. I'm here because I want to learn about people, and see how I can relate to others stories and experiences with my same diagnosis and or atruggles

    #MightyTogether #PTSD #Grief #SchizoaffectiveDisorder


    Holidays and mental illness

    Holidays can be a tough time for anyone, but for those of us living with a mental illness it can be harder.
    I live with schizoaffective disorder. A serious mental illness that combines symptoms of schizophrenia and a mood disorder, in my case bipolar.
    Even though I'm well medicated I still can get symptoms especially when I'm stressed and the holidays can be stressful.

    I have a hard time making eye contact due to feeling like people can read my thoughts, this makes people think I'm being rude if they don't understand. This can make socializing very tough and uncomfortable for me. One way I deal with this is to say in my head "if you can hear me blink twice" this reassures me that they can't read my thoughts because they never do what I ask them to.

    Another symptom that makes holidays gatherings tough is I have auditory hallucinations. In crowded places it can be hard to tell the voices in my head from the chatter of the room. This is harder to deal with for me, but I find if I focus completely on one person talking I can quiet the other chatter both in my head and in the room. Another thing that helps is to step outside.

    When I get anxious or overwhelmed just stepping away to the bathroom helps I usually splash my face with cold water to ground me and bring me back to reality.

    Also, having a plan helps when getting ready for holiday get togethers. I plan how long I'm going to stay, bring my as needed meds in a pill case so they don't stand out if I need to take one, and know where I can "escape" to like knowing where the bathroom or back yard is.

    What are some ways you cope with holidays?

    #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #schizoaffective #schizophreniaawareness #Anxiety #Holidays


    I’m new here

    My name is chase. I love singing and music and I’m a writer. I’m looking to make new friends, meet new people, and get out of my funk. I’m schizoaffective, OCD, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, and depression #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #OCD #PTSD


    Getting Through the Voices

    Because I have a severe mental illness, I sometimes hear voices. I have come to realize that this is a symptom of schizoaffective disorder which is my diagnosis. People like me who have the same, or a similar brain disease, may hear voices which seem to want to take over our lives. This symptom is most difficult for me to manage between the hours of 6pm and 9pm.

    These voices are almost always negative in nature and can be very annoying if I get caught up in them. They are cutting, demeaning, and seem to have as their goal to defeat me. These wearisome voices are telling my neighbors terrible things about me.

    When I actually hear my neighbor’s voice, it is loud, and I recognize her voice as real. I also hear footsteps, and dogs barking. I know this is all real. It is hard to explain, but I hear a difference between the human voices in the morning and the voices in my head the night before. The sound of my neighbors, voices are genuinely concerning to me. There have been car break-ins in my apartment’s parking lot, and I fear my neighbors think I am the one who is doing it because I have schizophrenia.

    The voices are muffled similar to whispers. Just recently I heard a voice telling

    my neighbors that I have schizophrenia, and that is the reason I stay to myself. The voice sounded exactly like my neighbor, but I had never told her that I have schizophrenia, so I know the voice I heard is the result of my brain disease not part of my reality.

    The voices that I hear often belong to acquaintances and friends from my past life, such as an ex-girlfriend. I may not have spoken to them in years. In my head, they say they do not want to talk to me because my other voices would bother my friends and distract them from their jobs.

    Sometimes it seems like my voices try to make me forget things, like listening to my live online church service. I know this is not really going on, however, fearing I might oversleep and miss the service, I decided to set my alarm clock. The church service is at 11am, so I set my alarm for 10am.

    Often the voices distract me to the point of causing me to be forgetful. I fear that I will forget to pull up my zipper after using a public restroom. The voices laugh and say they won because they were able to embarrass me. Sometimes when I am driving, I forget where I am going. Because of my forgetfulness, I always make a grocery list before I go to the store.

    Even though I hear voices that can interrupt my life, I take my medication on a regular basis, and I have never missed a mental health appointment. Even so, I deal with these voices most every night between the hours of six and eight o’clock. Of course, I know that hearing voices is a symptom of #Schizophrenia. I get through those evening hours by trying not to dwell on the voices or to get swept up in conversation with them.

    Between the hours of 6:00 PM and 8:PM, I try to distract my mind, so I do not hear the voices. I watch a TV show or movie. I also listen to music. Planning ahead helps me alleviate the stress that comes from hearing voices. During these times, I am glad I live alone so I can do whatever I need to do to distract


    I am a grown man and I like having my own space to do what I want, even with schizophrenia as my roommate. I am prescribed a sleeping aid, or else I might be awake all night with my racing thoughts and delusions.

    It is very satisfying to get through a night of excessive voices. I share what I learn to different schizophrenia support groups on different social networks. It helps to realize I am not the only one going through these challenges. A beautiful new day is always near. I love waking up in the morning to silence.


    Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night or early morning in a panic because you have no idea where you are, whose house you are in, and who the people who live here are; and even though you tell yourself again and again that you're safe, it doesn't make a difference?
    #Psychosis #Schizophrenia #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #Delusions

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    Dealing with physical and mental health while juggling finances and searching for a better job

    Recently, within the last two pay periods, my employer has implemented a new payscale that severely reduced their costs but severely increased mine and my husband's stress. I was making relatively before taxes $15 an hour before the payscale change with promise of if you hit a certain threshold in service sales you hit commission, so extra money, then tips on top of that. At the same time I was forced and had to be willing to help at another salon within the franchise. Now, due to the salon I was helping at I have a severe sprain in my right ankle due to a combination of my #EhlersDanlosSyndrome and concrete floors, no matter how much padding the cutting matts give. Have to continue to work with a brace and powerful pain meds that for normal people knocks them out. Keep waking up at 3 because that's when I need to take the next dose of medicine and due to pain. Using BetterHelp now for therapy and have to say that I highly recommend it. Subscription but you get weekly sessions with a therapist that is paired with you based on what you desire and your needs and outlook. I got paired with an LGBTQIA ally who is awesome and supportive, which is helpful as I am both gay and genderqueer. He asks about my husband and is thoughtful and really helping. But with the new payscale everyone no matter how long you have been with the company or if you are a manager your pay is now $13/hour unless you hit certain thresholds in service sales which means you have to do at least 15-20 haircuts in at least a 6 hour period, and do a color or highlight while doing those haircuts. This is impossible and unless you are working alone which is now recommended but completely unsafe, you can't get that. Thankfully currently my husband is settling for a job in a sandwich shop, while trying to get his cosmo (cosmetologist) license by the end of December. He's already passed the written now he has to do the practical then get the license. But at the same time we have a house to furnish still and possibly even get a new bed depending on whether the pain I'm dealing with is merely my ankle or more. Grateful for my best friend who lives across the parking lot from us, who has given us the opportunity to play 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons and her support throughout. She was the one who allowed us to sleep on her floor for a month a half this time last year. If not for her I don't know where we would be at the moment. So while yeah I am now looking for a better job opportunity, I'm still grateful to be alive and have the support system I have set in place. My advice is to always have some form of support system outside of social media for not only mental but physical and emotional health. If you have that you can succeed at anything it just takes dedication, work, and perseverance.

    #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #PTSD #Therapy