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    Presume it one. Presume it the other.

    So, like Lyndsay Wagner in the Bionic Woman I have a remarkably attuned sense of hearing that can pick up frequencies that others can’t, catching voices upon the wind even though they are some distance from me. This being so, oh how I am loathed! I wonder why anyone could have the inclination or the time to trip around someone else’s life, picking it apart so meticulously. It’s deeply disturbing to accept the notion, that I have no true sense of privacy because people who are completely alien to me and are hell bent on my downfall have ravaged through it and ripped it to shreds.

    Or, my lucid imagination repeatedly sparks into creative overdrive bringing me a most unwelcome manifestation. Of course I’ve know such a thing for most of my life, although nothing as complicated as this - one voice after another with yet more and more still, all engaged in detailed conversation regarding me, all much to the negative I must add. Why my brain would play such torturous trickery upon me is a mystery.

    They’re real! They can’t possibly be! No, they are, and the threat is real. Shhh, all you need fear is your own shadow.

    I don’t know. I simply don’t know! #schizoaffective #Voices #Hallucinations #Reality

    Community Voices

    A little reminder.

    <p>A little reminder.</p>
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    Community Voices

    Tactile hallucinations

    Anyone feel anything besides bugs? I’ve never felt bugs crawling on me. I feel things like burning, stinging like cuts, sometimes pins… nothing good and always going up a scale towards painful. It’s happening now and I don’t know how to make it stop, although I know my brain is causing this.
    #tactilehallucinations #Hallucinations

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    Community Voices

    My Best Friend is Struggling

    I need advice. I’m dealing with my own problems from my own diagnosises but my best friend has been going through something very familiar to me. I think she’s having a psychotic episode. She believes she’s got 7 reapers watching over her, she believes she’s been marked by death and she’s being influenced by another person who’s making her views on reality change. He’s made her believe he’s a new step in for the original Death. There’s A LOT more to this that I can’t type out but I need to know how to help her. She’s states away dealing with this on her own and I just want what’s best for her and this isn’t it. Whether she thinks it is or not. I’ve dealt with psychosis before myself but I’ve never had to help someone else with it. (side note: I’ve asked if she will see someone to get help but apparently the hallucinations don’t want her to get tested?) #Psychosis #Hallucinations #BipolarDisorder #BipolarDepression #Mania

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    Community Voices

    What hallucinations / delusions / paranoid thoughts have you had before? #BipolarDisorder

    What hallucinations / delusions / paranoid thoughts have your bipolar caused you to see / hear / experience in the past? I was recently diagnosed and want to know what kinds of things I might experience. So far, I’ve mostly heard about bipolar folk “experiencing” things related to religion or the government.
    #BipolarDisorder #Hallucinations #Delusions #ParanoidThoughts

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    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    I’m on the edge


    I can’t sleep at night, wake up in the morning and head to work as a zombie. I can’t talk, can’t listen can barely even see sometimes. And as exhausted as I always am, sleep continues to evade me. I know I’ll have to quit my job soon because I can’t keep doing this. Any of it. The pain, the fatigue, the seizures sneaking up on me all the damn time and every time I’m on the edge I talk myself out of it. Put the blade down. But god I’m going insane and have no one to help me…I need help

    #Epilepsy #LivingWithPOTS #Anxiety #Schizophrenia #MentalHealth #helpme #Hallucinations #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #disabledteens

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    Celia Franco

    Listening to Auditory Hallucinations With Schizophrenia

    I have been living with auditory hallucinations for over a decade. I have heard all kinds of voices and even now while taking an antipsychotic, I still experience voices. With time, I’ve learned what helps me cope and that these voices are not real, but why is it that I listen to and believe these voices nowadays when I know I live with schizophrenia? Well, nothing in life is black and white, and this certainly is not either. For years I could not understand that I was sick with schizophrenia due to anosognosia — lack of insight into one’s own mental health condition. This impeded me from recognizing that I was in need of professional help. Even when I received help, I could not acknowledge the illness in me or the need for antipsychotic medication. Luckily, thanks to my family, I eventually adhered to taking my medication, which helped me chip away at anosognosia and ultimately comprehend that I live with schizophrenia. However, my relationship with schizophrenia still is not that simple. While I understand now the need for medication and that I live with schizophrenia, at times I continue to battle anosognosia in the way of not always understanding that I am experiencing psychotic symptoms. It is as if I completely forget that I live with schizophrenia and get lost in my symptoms. Anosognosia played—and continues to play—a significant role in my listening to and believing the voices I hear, but fortunately, I can maneuver myself out of these hallucinations much more quickly nowadays. Another reason behind why I listen to and believe my voices is that I’m not confident enough in myself. Since I was a kid, my confidence has been low for several reasons. Low confidence makes it easier for us to believe negative things, so it’s easier to fall into the trap of believing the voices — especially when I believe the critical things they say myself already. Then there’s also the fact that they’re so real that why wouldn’t I listen to them? These voices feel and sound real, more than anything else. Even during periods of wellness, I perceive my auditory hallucinations as real, which causes me a lot of confusion, among other things. I have also found that I listen to my voices to fight them off. I try yelling at them in my head or aloud to try to sway them to leave me alone. It’s such a despairing feeling when I go in circles with my voices. Over time, though, this has gotten to be less and less of an occurrence. With time and a good treatment plan, things can get better, and it is possible to feel a sense of hope when thinking forward into the future. Beyond a good treatment plan, things that help me cope with the voices include writing, weightlifting, and talking to my loved ones. I also enjoy walking, making YouTube videos, and helping others through my nonprofit, Nuevamente Vivo. Living with schizophrenia is difficult, and at times it completely defeated me, but I know that with hard work and persistence, I can overcome anything—and so can you.

    Community Voices

    I don’t know if this belongs here but I’m desperate..(sorry in advance)

    I really hate to bother anyone with this, but my insurance doesn’t cover mental health and I’m too poor to afford mental health treatment, even as a vet. I’m adding a TW even if what I’m asking isn’t… but TW: hallucinations, suicidal ideation

    I don’t expect anyone to read my essay so TLDR: I am poor, experiencing auditory/ tactile hallucinations, and it makes me want to unalive bc I don’t know how to deal with it.

    I am 27, actually diagnosed with depression, ptsd, gen anxiety, and BPD. But, since about a year ago, I’ve started to experience hallucinations. At first, it was every couple months or so, and while it was annoying, it didn’t keep me from sleeping. Just sounded like whispers that were just confusing. (They contradicted each other). And for a long time, it was just auditory. Now, it’s tactile. I’m afraid of the dark, and it seems to be so much worse at night when I’m alone bc my husband works overnights. I’m not gonna go into specifics, bc it can be triggering for some, but the other night specific voices would say really awful things to keep me from falling asleep. Then last night wasn’t as scary as it was annoying. Can someone please give me some advice on dealing with this? I just don’t know what to do, I didn’t deal with this when I was diagnosed years ago, and it’s been preventing me from sleeping good or at all. I homeschool my daughter, I don’t have any friends, and my poor husband can’t do anything but hold me and try to comfort me. I’m getting more and more paranoid, I ruminate almost constantly now and I can’t turn it off and honestly, sometimes I wish I could just cancel my life subscription to make it go away. Like I said, it isn’t all the time and it isn’t always bad but I just don’t know how to deal with it and I think me stressing over it makes it more intense.
    #Hallucinations #scared #SuicidalIdeation

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    Community Voices

    Have you ever heard of this rare condition?

    <p>Have you ever heard of this rare condition?</p>