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A cover up tattoo that has been funded by our amazing supporters!

Part of the wonderful work SCUFF does is helping those who have recovered from #Selfharming to fund a tattoo to cover up their scars. A tattoo which they may not otherwise have been able to get.

A wonderful way to celebrate their achievements!

Here is a cover up tattoo that has been funded by our amazing supporters! This tattoo was done by Eloise at Gilded Dagger Tattoo / @gildeddaggertattoo . Here's what our applicant had to say about the experience:

"Getting this scar cover up has given me so much more confidence with wearing short sleeves in public, I used to hide away in jumpers and jackets even when it was boiling hot which isn't nice. SCUFF have given me freedom and courage and I will forever be grateful. When I first looked at my tattoo I got quite emotional because it felt like all the years of hiding away and being ashamed of my scars had gone and I could try and put the past behind me, not to mention how beautiful the tattoo is - the tattooist is so talented! Thank you so much SCUFF for this funding, you really do make a change in people's lives."

If you are interested in learning more about the work we do at SCUFF, what we do to support mental health check, and funding for tattoo cover up’s visit our website

Or if you’d like to help change somebody else's life then you can donate to our current fundraiser

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Thank you, Mom!

I came home from a tiring 9 hr shift at work and saw a bottle of scar reducing ointment by my bed. Thanks Mom 😊 I’m getting through this depressive episode! Bye bye to the cutting 👋🏻 #MentalHealth #Depression #Cutting #Selfharm #selfharmscars #Empathy #Suicide #DepressiveDisorders #DepressiveEpisodes #Addiction #AddictionRecovery


depression #selfharmscars #bloody #scaredandalone

every day I walk around acting like everything is fine but in reality... my legs and arms are in so much pan and I feel like if I fall the cuts will rip open and I will bleed out...HELP!!!


Going to #Prom with #selfharmscars and #ChronicIllness

I'm 15 and freshman in highschool going to my first homeschool prom tonight. I'm super scared Some of you may know that I am non binary and gay. So I really don't like to wear femme clothes or anything like that. But I'm wearig a strappless dress and lots of makeup jewelry heels and other very femme stuff. Also there's the fact that everyone will be able to see the scars on my arm. I'm pretty scared of how people will react. I am also worried that I will have a flare while I'm there. Any advice, thoughts or anything?