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#CheckInWithMe I can’t go to my senior prom 😔

I kind of knew this already, but seeing as I am recovering from a pretty invasive eye surgery on Wednesday, and I’m still on a very high dose of Diamox so I have a lot of fatigue, going to prom is just not really an option for me.

I do have some really great friends who want to take pictures with me before they go to prom, and I’m looking forward to that, but I still feel like I’m missing out.

I don’t know what the point of this post is. I guess I’m trying to reassure myself that like my senior quote, it will all turn out all right in the end. I do most likely get to go to graduation, so wish me luck that my mom and my guidance counselor can figure out all the details for that! 🤞

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Considerate friends make all the difference!

So I had my eye surgery yesterday morning, and I am now recovering at home. I was texting a friend to let them know I wouldn’t be attending prom this Saturday, and she and my other friend had come up with a plan for us to still take prom photos together!
They knew I’m not going to have enough energy for prom, but they still wanted to include me, and it just makes me feel so loved!

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I wish I had money to go to prom with my friends. I lost all my friends in my first 2 years of high school because of all my mental issues so for the past 2 1/2 years I've been alone and depending on my family. I recently spoke with some old friends from middle school and found out they're going to my school for prom. I feel confident, despite my crippling social anxiety that I can have a good time at prom with my friends but I'm low on money.

My best pet to going to prom is as the following instructs;

-I use the money my dad sent over to pay for my ticket

-ask my mom if she has $40 for fabric

-bring the fabric to my cousin to sew up a dress in time for prom

-borrow a pair of heels from her cause I also don't have shoes

-ask another friend to be my escort to the dance

-and then ask if I can ride with her to the dance.

I don't really like it because I'm still relying on people a lot and not really doing much for myself but it's my only chance to hang out and make friends again.

I can only hope and wait until I'm old enough to get a job so I can pay everyone back.

#SocialAnxietyDisorder #Friends #Prom #HighSchool #money #socialize #plan

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Today would’ve been my senior prom. It’s devastating that I don’t get one, but the college I’m going to next year said that they are planning a prom for the incoming class since not many people are getting one. My boyfriend and I had a 30 second dance party over FaceTime. So if everyone who is able could do a little 30 second dance in honor of what would’ve been my senior prom, I would really appreciate it.
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Going to #Prom with #selfharmscars and #ChronicIllness

I'm 15 and freshman in highschool going to my first homeschool prom tonight. I'm super scared Some of you may know that I am non binary and gay. So I really don't like to wear femme clothes or anything like that. But I'm wearig a strappless dress and lots of makeup jewelry heels and other very femme stuff. Also there's the fact that everyone will be able to see the scars on my arm. I'm pretty scared of how people will react. I am also worried that I will have a flare while I'm there. Any advice, thoughts or anything?

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Our son was asked to the prom!

Today, our son, age 15, was asked to the senior prom! You should have seen the grin on his face! He hasn’t had ANY friends since second grade! Seven years! I was so happy for him! He told his dad & his dad was angry we had to spend money! I told my son not to worry, I would make sure he looked good & got nice flowers for his date. I wrote a check & gave it to him, telling him I would look for food bargains & make it up that way. Our son is overcoming anxiety and depression. He lives with ADHD, prenatal alcohol exposure and trauma from spending his first 8.5 months in a Russian orphanage. Celebrate the good things! #Prom #Anxiety #Depression #ADHD #PTSD #Celebratethelittlethings #Orphanage #Trauma #behappy #Survivor