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    Percentage of people taking medication for mental health

    I wonder what percentage of people in my country (Hungary or any other country for that matter) take anti anxiety, antidepression ect. medications.

    Recently I've been more open about my condition and medications. In Hungary it's still a taboo to talk about such things, but I belive a lot of people are taking them. I was doing blood donation, filling out the questionnaire. Among the allowed and not allowed medications it was highlighted (bold letters) that you can absolutely donate blood while on anti anxiety and antidepression medications. Furthermore, during examination the doctor was fully aware of the side effects of sertralin (mouth dryness).

    From this, I conclude they often encounter this. What is you experience?
    #Depression #blooddonation #taboo

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    recently this popped up on my dashboard, and made me pause. While a taboo subject, that mainstream media hasn’t helped. I’m not here to change your mind, believe what you want about the furry fandom. although, my suit has been such a benefit to me in more ways that I could explain. if I could. this fandom has also been good to me pushing me from my comfort zone, I have friends, confidence and more self esteem than I’ve had in years. however, this also made me think of a good friend I had back in college whom disowned me without even asking why I enjoyed this ‘hobby’ or even telling me they were uncomfortable or no longer speaking to me until over a year later.

    I find their reaction childish and learning of all this still hurts. clearly they were never a friend, is something so flimsy can destroy what he had.

    #lost #Depression #Friends #lostfriendship #Confussed


    #MentalHealth should be more #mainstream #mental #Health

    Step zero is where the person has to be told that something is up and they may need to seek help or something isn't quite how it used to be. It could be something such as a medication change is affecting their behavior and they are unaware of the change.
    Step one is is recognizing and accepting that there is something going on that needs to be addressed.
    Step two is being able to ask for help which takes a lot and can cause problems just from that.
    Step three is getting help from a professional.
    Step four is treatment then possibly recovery. Some never make it to recovery as treatment will be life long.

    I believe that mental health and help should be much more normalized. Up until recently it has been more of a #taboo subject. People are afraid to speak up when something is wrong or when they need help. There is a negative #Stigma attached to mental health patients. That needs to change in order to make it more socially acceptable to seek help for an illness such as anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder, etc. Seeking help for an illness doesn't make a person bad, or mean they are weak, it means they feel that it is the best thing for their health and is the best way to help their illness.

    End the stigma on ! It is not taboo to seek help for an illness!