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#WednesdayWisdom #everydaypain #wearewarriors

There’s a quote I read recently that when I saw this, it I instantly recognize a connection and wanted to share :

“God humbles those he loves..”

Yesterday I had a little attack at work. Mix of pins and needles and numbness and tingles throughout my body, mostly my legs while I was sitting at my desk at work. Then again last night before falling asleep. while I know I’ll continue to feel more throughout the day, just like every day for the last year, it’s important to realize how humbled this has all made me. Pain sucks. This condition I’m in - we’re in - sucks. But I’d like to think it’s teaching us something.

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Hello again!
Hope your day isn't too painful, and is filled with hope.
Just a fleeting thought though, dont you think people should be more careful with words when it comes to any invisible illness or pain?
Because you'll never know it unless you go through it.
Anyway just wanted share it with ya all.
Dont let people's ignorant comments spoil or ruin your day, you are doing great, keep going.
Best wishes

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#wearewarriors #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

we are fighting a real battle n still not giving up n we won't because God knows we are tough people!!! We will come out of such worse situations no matter what!just be positive


"But, When You Rise Up......."

I have literally been fighting for my life for over two years now. Some things I was born with others just happened. My health history is a novel. I have surgeries monthly. I also lived with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and got a double dose with Lyme Disease added as well. I live with PLMD /RLS along with Graves Disease, Total Thyroidectomy in 2013, Aquired Hypothyroidism and now even without a Thyroid my Hyperthyroidism is trying to attack me again. My TSH is at due to my pituitary gland not wanting to work right. (Let me explain my ovaries create T4 which is a horomone needed for anyone that understands Endocrinology and I don't have a Thyroid as stated above. Getting to that in a second.) I have already battled and fought Cervical Cancer once. Now I have Fibroids and some major wall thickening in my uteras along with Something that is causing bleeding inside of my uterus. (Another big word) My Medical Teams has been working around the clock, I go in for Pre-Op on August 12th, 2019 for a Major Surgery. Thing Is, With all my Comorbidities, I have to have a Cardiac Clearance. I also have seizures. I do have Autonomic Teams at Vanderbilt (Most know them, they also work with Mayo for us all to save lives and fight on behalf of is all for a cure for Dysautonomia related issues among other things.) I am beyond tired. I don't mind people showing empathy towards me, just not sympathy! I just recently lost my kids father March 8th, 2019. I tell you all this because I needed to get it all out. I fight for my life every day as well as most reading this does. If this helps one person, what I want you to know the most is "Someone Out There Gets You" & "I am that Someone" I do what I can to stay "positive but that makes me laugh alot. Because I always say "Oh, I am positive I am about to throat punch the next person who asks me about my pain scale!" Lol. I have alot more life threatening health issues, a Port In my Chest we would be here all day naming them all. I usually add "Pick one, blame it on that" because with my health? I know which one is acting up and when. I learned to listen to my body. I never turn my back on any of these conditions. In all seriousness, I use alot of humor, dark humor sometimes, alot of sarcasm. I could go on and on but I will leave you with this. "One day, you will have had enough, stay down as long as you need to, but when you rise up, you rise up as the whole damn fire!"
P.S. Dysautonomia Humor....
Doctor: "I have a Medical Degree, I know what I am talking about.
Me: "Cool, I know alot of people that have Drivers Liscense and cannot drive worth a shit, you're fired!"

#PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #GravesDisease #CoronaryHeartDisease #LymeDisease #checkyourneck #wearewarriors #chronicmigrainedaily #medicallyfacinating


24 going on 90 #CRPS

At the age of 18 I was diagnosed with something I had never even heard of. Complex regional pain syndrome, it was terrifying. The doctors said I has probably been dealing with it for at least another 2 to 3 years prior. 6 years later and I'm still dealing with it, as I always will. I've had to except it as my fate. It all started in my right knee, by this point in time it has spread to my hips down. All this time I have kept up working. I've held multiple jobs. Some I was o ly able to hold during brief remission periods, but come every fall as the biometric pressure changes and the weather cools it comes roaring back reminding me that those nags I felt all summer were waiting to explode. Almost ways causing a spread. This time around crps which had always had a mind of it's own has decided it wants to mess with my upper extremities, I find it difficult to do even the basics of holding a phone or controller, let alone all the things my work requires. Pride has kept me from throwing in the towel though many times I want to. At this point I wear a boot on my foot because without it my foot breaks from walking. My knees each have a bulky brace and my wrist practically has a removable cast. I am 24. The sentence I hear to often, "quit dying" or "your to young to be in pain". I was to young 8 years ago. Now I have a failing body with doctors to scared to prescribe me anything more than ibuprofen. Something g I gave up years ago after I came to the point of taking close to 6000 milligrams a day, dealing with the worlds most painful disease known to man according to the McGill painscale.

My post isnt to complain though. My goal was to share my story. In Hope that anyone else dealing with this monster can get through another day knowing there are others out there who fight this internal war every day to. It is real and the fight is in our head. Because at the end of the day our worst enemy is ourselves. I take everything out on myself. I should've done more, remembered more, slept less, worked out or something. Staying positive withourselves is the hardest thing we can do everyday. But being negative, as easy as it can be, will only make your day worse. So no matter what you do. Your daily battle can best be won, when your on your own side.
#ComplexRegionalPainSyndrome #positiveity #storytime #takethatcrps #wearewarriors #ChronicPain #dontgiveup