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I’m new here!

Hi, my name is canatc1. I'm curious about COPD symptoms . We are moving to the coast in Florida, since I discoverer I can breath salt without coughing and gasping nearly as much in ocean air. Has anybody else found this to be true or am I just kidding myself.
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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Kath_lost. I'm here because for the last 8 years my health problems have built up and i have gotten to the limit where i hate each year because there always seems to be something else breaking down. i have type 1 diabetes never been under the best control but i managed well to have a very hectic lifestyle working as a teacher which i loved . i travelled well had a good balance rescued a dog now and then to keep me company but now i can't even take simple pleasures in life. i seem to manage only one thing on the best of days before i am having to sit or lie down to rest. the list of things i can't do outwieghs the the things i want or miss doing and ui really hate it life just stopped and now functions around medical appointments , filling in forms that seem to get no where , i now have no savings only allowed to claim a small DWP benifit which i can't live on . i live with a very good patient man but he's not well alot of the time and i can't help him . i do wonder why i am still here . I can't even afford to go out with the odd friend i have left for a 'cake and coffee' chat anymore . the bills are getting just too much . does anyone know wwho can help with the financial side of being in this pathetic state?????

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The bill

Life is passing me the bill. I’m going for a cardio catheterization on Aug 21. The cardiologist has me on four drugs, 😣 opening up the door to more illnesses, aka side effects. Anyhow, life is passing me the bill and my proverbial bank account was meant to be for walking through greener paths. Oh, well… #CoronaryHeartDisease


Pain discrimination at Doctor's office

I go to quite a few doctors offices. Some may seem to be a little over zealous with your condition, checking everything and anything for you to get a proper diagnosis. But then there are the doctors that try to make you seem like you don't have anything wrong with you. I had that experience today.

I have #SystemicLupusErythematosus and it entails a ton of medications to help keep your pain under control plus keep your immune system from attacking your healthy cells and organs. I have spent five long years with many doctors trying to figure out the best medications to help me to live day by day. In the last year we found a mixture that works. There has never been any discrimination from any of my physicians. There was understanding of my pain and a willingness to help.

Recently I have been having heart palpitations and there was a concern since I had been on Prednisone for quite a long time. I was referred to a cardiologist and everything seemed to work out. I got in quick and they began with a holter monitor. Showed signs of some stress on my heart. Next a stress test. Results showed some ischemia. They already put me a beta blocker and an antiarrhythmic so I knew that when I saw him for our follow up that he was going to tell me to just maintain my medicine and see me in 6 months.

Today I went in to see him and waited much longer than usual. Short staffed. After being called in a very nice nurse came in to get some info from me and to assist the doctor. When the doctor came in he looked at my stress test results and proceeded to tell me how I am a healthy young woman. I tilted my head and said "with some issues" and then everyone giggled. He blew it off and started looking at my chart. He noticed that my TSH levels were off and said that I should get with my PCP to get my thyroid checked again. It could have something to do with my palpitations. Okay. No problem.

That's when he notices all the medications I'm on. " Why are you on Ultram, Flexeril, and Lyrica? Is there REALLY that much pain?"

"Yes. I've had Lupus for five years."

"Is there REALLY???....................." With a direct look into my eyes and a little crooked smile.

As he turned I looked towards the nurse who had rolled her eyes and covered her face in what looked like embarrassment.

At that point I agreed to contact my PCP and kept quiet through the rest of the appointment. I think I was in a bit of shock.

He left and she turned towards me. "I hate it when people don't understand pain. That was rude of him to question you like that. It was like he was accusing you of lying." she said as she finished putting in the notes in the computer. I told her I'm not faking it and that I thought maybe I took it wrong but I'm glad she heard it too.

I'm still in shock. I'm definitely not going back to him. I think it's time for a second opinion.

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