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Wednesday Migraines

#CheckInWithMe # I have been tortured by migraines that hit in the middle of the night since May 2016. After an exhausted effort on the part of my neurologist, trying everything imaginable, it finally seemed I was on the best combo of meds we could find. Unfortunately like so many others have experienced, I suffer from lots of side effects. Never the less, I finally felt ready to go back to some part time work. Actually finances are so tight I really have to give it a go. One of the most helpful habits I have started is keeping a migraine journal. With very sketchy memory, my journal helps me keep track of when I get migraines, the severity, date, time , meds taken and location on my head. So as I am charting a migraine that came on this morning at 4 am I notice a weird pattern. I have had a fairly severe for the last 5 Wednesday’s, approximately the same time. What the heck? I should try to get Wednesday’s off work if this is my “new normal”. Coincidence? I assume it must be. What else would explain that pattern? #wednesdayweirdness