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I'm Still Me

Amid the chaos and despair this country and the world has slowly cycled downward into. I have discovered a key element in my being.
I am Charity.
I have severe asthma and some other chronic issues that keep me from working. So in this time I know I am high risk and should not be out. I cannot let my friends, family and others sit by uncared for though.
My friend was exposed, he lives with his mother who is high risk. He is very worried about her.
I have some cloth masks that my Aunt made, and I am going to take one to her to modify to hold an activated charcoal insert. She and her son will at least be able to breathe in the same room.
I am afraid. It's not easy. But there are too many without to be selfish now.
#fightingthefear #determined #Asthma #highriskcovid19 #Kindness #compassionate


Mighty New

Hello everyone I’m New here struggling through mental illness and Cancer To the point of being fed up with all the hurt chaos and noise I WAS/am Longing for change to add Healing Love Luster Fun and Extended Life Warranty. I meditated on the issues I was facing and accepted them by process of elimination I felt with the ones most important like ACCEPTING AND GENUINELY LOVING MYSELF AND EVERY LAST FLAW OR EVERY PART OF SCHIZOPHRENIA . Realizing and understanding that I am just more of SOMETHING than most but not less than anything that I AM! However I Practiced Healing HOLISTICALLY Mind Body Spirit regurgitating my past to make room for my future. Since then and beyond for the most part I HAVE BEEN FEELING GOOD HEALING WELL AND MORE GOOD DAYS. This have all been cost effective NATURAL and JUST ON MY OWN. I THANK GOD FOR HELPING ME WITH STRENGTH AND THE HOLY SPIRIT FOR COMFORT . Anyone interested in me providing suggestions questions comments prayer whatever IM HERE TO PROVIDE GENUINE COMPASSION AND SUPPORT 👉🏽❤️👈🏽 #healingonedayatatime #TearsofJoyWellbeing #Anxiety #Depression #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #UterineCancer #compassionate #HereToCatchYourTears #Love #Selfcare #selfawareness
#mind #body #spirit