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It's a bit much #Stress

A lot happened last year which has leas to me being back living with my parents which as a 27yr old is not fantastic. I've been back 6 months and It won't take long for me and the other half to find a place. However the other half is currently trying to look for work and he has a lot going on mentally which I'm always very understanding and supportive. He is suppose to be staying with his nan until we find a place but he has been here with me most of the time. Now I love him and I adore spending my time with him but what I'm struggling with right now is the fact my parents house holds a lot of trauma for me so I'm trying to keep myself together mentally and I don't really have an escape from this house and I don't feel I can go anywhere especially while the other half is here. Its also affecting me trying to get into healthier habits. It's not that he doesn't want to go and sort himself with a job etc him being here for so long has been somewhat out of his control with trainstrikes and also illness etc but it's just a lot for me trying to keep myself as well as trying to be there for him and also working #tired #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPDDiagnosis #Y  #BPD

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Please help if you can

Does anyone with hands on works too? I’m a fashion arts college student and I have to do lots of hands on things for my projects… but I always struggle!Everytime that I face a problem that I don’t know how to fix , I get so angry that I hurt myself! I can’t ignore the task because my anxiety kills me if I do and I have to somehow come uo with a solution!But this anger range that comes to me every time I work is driving me crazy! I don’t know how to manage this! I have talked to a therapist but he wasn’t much of a help!Please if you can relate or can give me some tips do! Thanks and also I’m new to the Mighty:) #Y  #BPD


BPD family is angry about something they won't talk about and lashing out. How can I get them through it?

We have tried to ask about what is bothering them and given them space and they are just getting more withdrawn and defensive. How can I help them come to terms with the actual issue or even realize that there is an underlying issue? #Y  #BPD #PTSD #seekinghelp

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#ocb #Depression #Y  #ADHD

Hi everybody! When my body injuring with a little crash,I think it makes me tetanoz..Many times I vaccinated,but it doesn't work..Since my childhood,and all my life..I go always emergencies,with little ,milimetric injuries..Tetanos is eşit for a little Hole,to kill me painfully..Panic attack triggered me for weeks..Tetanose fobia is pushing me to helll🦠💉📍📌⛏️🌡️⚰️🏥


Alexa, play Iris by Goo Goo Dolls.

She could tell you everything about me. About my favorite color, black. “Like my soul.” I know, so cliche. I dont really care for cliche things, and I try to stay away from trends. She could tell you that. She could tell you my favorite food is buffalo wings but I never tried them until.i was 19 and now I eat so many to make up for lost time. She could share how long ago I left my home town, Philly, and moved around before settling South. My mother was toxic, she could confirm and share a story or two of mine. She could tell how about my absent father and how after we had met he had a heart attack, and I told him he wasnt allowed to leave me yet because he owed me 21 years. She could probably go on and on about my abusive ex and his violent ways and unbelievable manipulation and how he could never compare to the beautiful angel I currently have in my life. Maybe she will gossip and share the embarrassing things that once turned my face red, and filled me with anxiety. She could tell it all. Because she knows everything about me. Though, we just met 30 minutes ago at the bus stop.
#Borderline #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Y  #BPD #bpdsymptoms

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Here is me; A women who sees no way forward.

After my previous post describing my feelings and struggles regarding my partners resentment to me even after receiving my diagnosis, the thought of losing the home we only brought together in November and losing my bestfriend. Today I lost my job. I actually woke up with a positive mind after a big release of emotions on Saturday. Am I destined to be a failure, am I just not meant to be happy? I really do feel non existence could be better than how I feel right now. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Y  #BPD #Bipolar2Disorder #Anxiety #Depression